Why Winter is a Great Time to Buy a Home ?

Posted by Gurpreet Ghatehora on Tuesday, December 1st, 2015 at 10:37am.

We all know the stigma: you dont sell in the winter because no one buys homes in the winter. This isnt entirely true, of course, homes still sell throughout the year, but winter can be a great time to buy a home. If youre looking for a home, you could experience less buying competition in the winter, and experience a few other benefits as well. Here are a few more reasons why buying a home in winter is a great idea.

1. You Can Check the Heating

Especially here in Edmonton, buying a home with that actually stays warm in the winter is an extremely important feature, and one thats near-impossible to gauge in the summertime. But if you buy in the winter, you can literally feel how the home is doing for heat. Be sure to look out for anything that may point to space heaters being used to cover up cold spots, or drawn curtains used to cover up inefficient windows. Walk around entire rooms to feel for cold spots, and be sure to check for the usual culprits: additions, basements, and converted attics, for any heating issues.

2. Houses are Usually Cheaper

This is the main draw for people buying homes in the winter, because theres still a misconception that no one buys homes in the winter. And while housing sales do drop in the colder months, it doesnt mean the entire industry takes a hiatus. But sellers often price their homes very low for fear of sitting on them too long, and thats great news for buyers. Be sure to do your research, however, and stick to your budget whenever youre looking at a home. It will help you make better, more informed purchases.

3. You Can Get Places Quicker

Because of the slower market, or even just perceived slower market, many sellers are also trying to offload their properties fast, which is another great thing for home owners who want to move in quickly. With winter home buying, its not uncommon for buyers to move up the move in date, sometimes within a week or two, which can expedite the whole process fairly quickly. And since youll probably be competing with fewer, if any, other buyers, your chances of having a bidding war go down as well.

Buying a house in the winter can give you many distinct advantages, from lower prices to faster move-in times. So if youre looking for a new place, dont be afraid to strap on your boots and traipse through the snow to find a place. It may be well worth the effort.

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