Why Spring is the Best Time to Sell A Home

Posted by Gurpreet Ghatehora on Tuesday, July 31st, 2018 at 7:31am.

Spring sales season is heating up, but some sellers might miss out on the best time to sell their homes if they don’t start getting their homes in shape to sell now. According to the most recent data, the best month for home sales in May and May is quickly approaching. If you are working with sellers that don’t seem to be any big hurry to get their homes on the market here are a few things you should remind them of so that they will get motivated to get their houses ready to go on the market sooner rather than later:

People Want to Move in Spring and Summer

Selling house in springOne of the reasons why spring is the best time to sell a house is that people are generally anxious to close on a home and start moving by the end of spring and into early summer. Moving in the spring allows them to move when the weather is relatively nice so that they don’t have to worry about moving during storms or snow. And parents usually want to time their moves so that they are moving after their kids finish school but before the new school year starts. This is especially the case if the family is moving into a new school district. Moving in the spring gives the family time to get settled in the new house before summer vacation starts too.

Buyers are Out Looking

When the weather is nicer and it stays light out until later in the evening more buyers are going to be out looking at homes. Since most people want to look at potential homes after work the nice weather and extra light means that they will be more willing to go out and see homes in the evening. And as the temperatures rise more people will be out walking, biking, and getting outdoors so they are more likely to see local For Sale signs in their favorite neighborhoods.

Prices are Higher

Because there is a bigger demand for homes in the spring sellers can get much better prices for their homes if they sell during the spring. Family homes in areas with good schools always fetch high prices, but during the spring those prices can soar due to increased demand. And homes that have large yards, pools, swingsets and the space for lots of outdoor activities sell better in the spring because people want to have the advantage of being able to enjoy outdoor living in the warm summer months.

Sales Close Faster

During the spring people want to make their moves happen as fast as they can so home sales usually close faster in the spring. And since there is a higher demand for homes when people find a home they love they are much more likely to put in an offer quickly so that it doesn’t sell to someone else. 

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