What To Expect On Your Final Home Walkthrough

Posted by Gurpreet Ghatehora on Wednesday, September 9th, 2015 at 10:01pm.

The final walk-through is designed to ensure that everything is in order before you close the deal on your new home.  Ideally, you’ll want to do your walk-through within 24 hours of closing.  Here are a few things you’ll be looking for.

 1) Make sure nothing has materially changed since the home inspection.

 At this point, any of the issues that were brought to light during the home inspection should have been dealt with.  The home should be clean, and you shouldn’t notice any major differences from when the home inspection was done—unless they are things that were agreed upon.

 2) No personal property—or dirt—should be left over

 Unless anything was included in the purchase contract, there shouldn’t be anything left behind by the former home owners.  The floors should be swept, the carpets should be vacuumed, and the bathrooms should be cleaned.  Make sure you check cabinet and appliance interiors, and ensure there isn’t still a pile of garbage sitting around anywhere—not even out at the curb.

 3) Make sure everything works

 Try out the appliances to make sure they work, run both the hot and cold water, and flush the toilets.  You don’t want to discover any surprises like those on moving day.

 4) If there are any problems, they need to get sorted out today

 Tell your real estate agent or attorney if there are any problems.  If there were repair issues, or if there is any damaged property, you should be able to ask for compensation when working out the final closing deal.

 5) Make sure you get all your keys

 During the final walk-through, make sure all the manuals for appliances are there.  All of the keys, including front door, back door, garage key and automatic garage door openers, any household door keys, basement keys and shed keys, along with any mailbox keys and storage locker or unit keys (if applicable) should be turned over to you.  Don’t forget to get the alarm codes if there is an alarm system, too!

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