What to do if your closing dates aren’t in sync

Posted by Gurpreet Ghatehora on Wednesday, August 5th, 2015 at 11:57pm.

When you are in the position of selling and buying a home all at the same time, your main goal is to get your place sold so you don’t have to put the sale of your home as a condition on any offer you may make on your next home. Aside from this, the next challenge is to make your closing dates match up so you can move smoothly from the old house to the new house, but this doesn’t always happen.

Here are a few ideas if you sell and buy a home where the closing dates leave a gap in time, and you without a home.

Take a vacation

Obviously this doesn’t mean jet-setting to a tropical locale, but it may be a great time for a road trip or to go visit family you don’t get to see often. This works best if you only have a week or so in between your closing dates.


You can always ride out a few days in between closing dates and possession in a hotel. If you are waiting more than a week, however, this may not be the most affordable option.


If you live in a warm climate or are moving in the summer, taking a camping trip is an easy way to pass the time while you are waiting to take possession of your new home. Not only is it fun, but its inexpensive. If you own an RV or a camper, this could also be practical if you still need to go to work in the interim and can find a camp spot close to town.


Staying with family during this time is a good idea. You’ll save money and get to catch up, but this may only be realistic if it’s just yourself moving.

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