What Not To Reveal While Showing Your Home

Posted by Gurpreet Ghatehora on Saturday, October 1st, 2016 at 10:15am.

Home stagings, home showings, and open houses can provide plenty of opportunities to tell prospective buyers about why they would want to buy your property. All of these activities are often a necessary part of the home selling process. But for all the good they can do, the wrong answers to the wrong questions can put your home’s sale in jeopardy. Here are a few topics and answers to avoid when selling a home.

1. How Many People Have Seen the Home

When people ask if lots of people have seen the home, the question is a trap. Answer with too many people and prospective buyers will think they’ve missed something, kind of like when you see that last head of lettuce in the grocery store. If you say too few, then they’ll think the home isn’t even worth the trek over. If someone asks you this question, stay vague but honest. Simply say something to the effect of “a few” and leave it at that.

2. Why You’re Selling

To be frank, the answer to this question should always be “that’s not really any of your business,” but that’s also a response that’s likely to send people packing. Answering this question honestly isn’t always a great idea, so it may be better to stay vague or straight up lie. Tell them you got a job somewhere else or something else that doesn’t answer the question. That way, they can’t leap to any conclusions.

3. Timeframes

People will ask you about how long the home’s been on the market, when you’re hoping to move, and any other tricky question to get a feel for when you want to sell the home. This is another line of questioning that’s ultimately a trap. Say you’re not in a hurry and people will lowball you. Say you need to move soon and they’ll lowball you for entirely different reasons. Simply tell people you have a timeframe in mind, but it’s not set in stone. Again, vagueness is your friend.

Staying honest during the home-selling process is absolutely essential, but there's a difference between complete honesty and shooting yourself in the foot. For these topics, honesty is important, but vagueness could help you sell your home faster and for a better price.


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