What Local Businesses Can Influence Where You Choose to Move?

Posted by Gurpreet Ghatehora on Wednesday, September 23rd, 2015 at 10:58am.

When it comes to moving, everyone is going to have a different set of moving requirements.  That said, there are a few staples when it comes to local businesses that you might want to keep in mind when choosing your next home.

 1) Grocery Stores

 Whether or not you own a car can make a big difference when it comes to determining how close your home should be to the nearest grocery store.  Everyone needs to eat, so when planning to buy your home, make sure you have relatively quick and easy access to a grocery store, whether you’ll be walking, biking, driving, or bussing there.

 2) Doctors and Dentist Offices

 Depending on how far you are moving, you may need to set yourself up with a new doctor and dentist.  It may be a good idea to call ahead of time to ensure the local doctors and dentists are taking on new patients before you commit to your move.  Depending on how often you and your family will need to plan visits to the local—or not-so-local—office, this may need to move higher up on the priority list.

 3) Schools and Daycares

 If you have kids, having accommodations nearby for them is a must.  You’ll want to make sure there are good schools within a reasonable distance—and transportation options to get them there, too.  If you have young children, it may be worth while looking into your nearby daycare options to see what is available for you.

 4) Entertainment and Recreation Facilities

 How do you spend your spare time?  Do you frequent parks and walking trails?  Is it important to you to have a sports bar or friendly pub nearby?  Do you bike, skateboard, or rollerblade for fun?  Looking into the entertainment options near you can ensure you don’t find yourself in search of new hobbies to fill your spare time.

 5) Pet Accommodations

 If you are moving with your pet, then it’s important that you consider pet accommodations when looking for the perfect area to move into.  You’ll want to ensure there is a vet nearby that is capable of looking after whatever breed you own, and depending on your job and holiday preferences, you may want to look into boarding kenned options, too.  Further, locating the necessities, like groomers, pet supply stores, and pet friendly parks, can make your transition a lot easier.

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