What Buyers Are Looking For In A Real Estate Agent

Posted by Gurpreet Ghatehora on Saturday, July 28th, 2018 at 9:59am.

Today’s home buyers are much more knowledgeable about the home buying process than ever before. And thanks to social media and design blogs they have a much clearer idea of what they want in a home. So what is it that home buyers are looking for when they select an agent? According to home buyers, these are the things that they look for when they choose an agent to help them buy a home:


Home buyers are not going to sway by a hard sales pitch. They want to work with an agent that they can trust to have their best interests at heart. In order for a buyer to trust you, they have to feel like you are listening to what they want in a home and are willing to prioritize their needs by selling a particular home. In order to win a buyer’s trust, you need to be very upfront with them and listen effectively to what they want and need in a home. When they give you a wish list be very frank with them about whether or not their budget will allow them to get all their wants. And suggest alternatives if their budget won’t accommodate their wish list.


Edmonton real esate agentBeing able to communicate well is essential for a real estate agent. Home buyers may not totally understand all the paperwork involved in buying a home and they are counting on you to explain everything to them thoroughly so that they can understand. They also will expect that you will communicate throughout the entire process so that they feel like you are an ally they can depend on.

Fast Response

This is essential for home buyers. Since many homebuyers these days will have looked at homes online before they even contact an agent when they find a house that they are interested in and the message or call about it they expect a fast response. You should be prepared to be available to home buyers by email, phone, and text whenever they have a question or want to set up an appointment to view a home. And if you’re having trouble finding them a home in a certain area or finding the kind of home they want to stay in touch during the search so that they know that you are making their search a priority.

Personal Touch

Buying a home is a big purchase that will change a buyer’s life. They expect their agent to be personally invested in this process and they expect a personal touch. Handwritten cards, a phone call, or a visit in person after the sale to make sure they are happy in their new home are great ways to make sure that you’re giving each buyer the personal attention they want. 

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