Top Tips For Moving With Your Pets

Posted by Gurpreet Ghatehora on Monday, August 24th, 2015 at 11:16pm.

moving with petsNo matter how far away you are headed, whether it is just across town or across the country, moving can be hard on your furry companions.  Cats and dogs alike can experience a lot of stress from the commotion and unfamiliarity of moving.  Here are a few tips for how to keep your critters happy before, during, and after the move.

 1) Move slowly.

 Pets aren’t usually very big fans of change, so introducing the change gradually can ease a lot of tension.  Bring your moving boxes in early and take some extra time packing things up so your fluffies don’t feel overwhelmed by the chaos.  It is also a good idea to pick a quiet and more shut-off room in your home to designate as the safe space for your pets.  Don’t pack this room up until the last, and close your pets in there with their food and water when things start to get a bit chaotic in the rest of the house.  It may also be a good idea to let your furry pals stay at a friend’s place while you disassemble your home.

 2) Prepare your critters for the trip. 

 Bring your travel carriers into the house early so your pets can start to familiarize with them.  Try not to make them seem scary.  Throw their toys inside, give them treats after they explore their carriers—anything to make them feel like the contraption isn’t there to swallow their souls.

3) Allow time for adjustment

 Once you get to your new home, don’t expect your fluffies to settle down right away.  Try to establish a safe space for them once again.  Keep them in one room with food, water, a litter box, toys, and any blankets or pet beds that are already familiar.  Introduce them to the rest of the house slowly, keeping some doors shut, but make sure they always have a route back to their safe space if they get startled.

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