Top 3 Selling Mistakes

Posted by Gurpreet Ghatehora on Thursday, August 27th, 2015 at 10:53pm.

Top 3 Edmonton Selling Mistakes to Avoid

Is this your first time selling your home?  There are a few mistakes that are all-too-frequently made when it comes to selling a home for the first time.  Here are a few tips on how to avoid these Edmonton selling mistakes so you can be sure your home doesn’t sit on the market too long.

 1) Avoid overpricing your home

 One of the top Edmonton selling mistakes involves asking for way too much for your home.  Property values do tend to fluctuate, so make sure you are basing the price of your home on its current value.  Take a look at some other similar properties that are currently on the market around you to get an idea of value, too.  You should expect to get offers that are less than the price you list, but you don’t want to scare away all of your offers by overpricing your property too much.

 2) Remember that image is everything

 Another top Edmonton selling mistake involves giving your potential buyers too much imaginative credit.  Just because you can see the potential of your home doesn’t mean your potential buyers can.  Make sure you stage your home to show off its best features—that is the best way to highlight its potential.  Upgrading features of your home will help its resale value, too, but in the very least make sure you fix the things that are broken.  You would be much less inclined to purchase a used car that had even minor broken features, so don’t expect your potential buyers not to be deterred by the same types of things.

 3) Advertise

 One of the biggest Edmonton selling mistakes you can make is skimping out on the advertising.  Word of mouth isn’t all that effective anymore, so slapping a for-sale sign on the front of your home probably won’t cut it.  Put ads in the newspaper, on your local TV or radio station.  You can even advertise online through Facebook and Kijiji.  But don’t stop there.  Include pictures of your home in your ads to get people interested, and hold open houses to get your potential buyers inside.  Spread the word.  The more people who know about your home, the more likely you are to find your buyer.

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