Tips For Staging A Historic Home

Posted by Gurpreet Ghatehora on Thursday, November 16th, 2017 at 10:05am.

Selling a historic home is all about finding the right buyers who will love the home’s historic features instead of being put off by them. In order to appeal to the right kind of buyers staging a historic home correctly is very important. Here are some tips for staging a historic home from expert stagers who know how to really amplify the charm that makes historic homes so appealing:

Keep It Classic
You do not want to make the house look like a museum, but the furniture and paint colors should look timeless and classic. Neutral palettes are always flattering. Make sure that the furniture used to stage the home has classic lines and has a neutral color palette. Many times people who want to buy historic homes have no idea how to decorate the home to make it look elegant and modern without diminishing all the great classic features. Staging the house is a great way to show them how they can combine modern convenience and comfort with beautiful historic touches.

Update the Kitchen

The architecture of a historic home is charming, but an old-fashioned kitchen really is not appealing to buyers. Make sure that the kitchen has updated appliances and looks clean and functional. A coat of white paint will make the kitchen look clean and modern and you can use some color accents to emphasize the historical charm.

Remove Window Treatments

edmonton stagingCompared to modern homes historic homes usually seem small. In order to make the rooms seem as large as possible remove the window treatments and get the window professionally cleaned. You can hang mirrors and change up overhead light fixtures to make the rooms seem very bright and open. Also make sure that there is not a lot of heavy period furniture in the rooms.

Highlight The Historic Architecture

The most appealing thing about historic homes to buyers is that great architecture so really emphasize it. Built ins can be painted a complementary color that will stand out from the neutral walls to make them pop. Flowers and plants placed next to other great features will draw buyers to those features. Wood floors should be polished without removing any of the original grain or marks that add character. Use real furniture wax or wood floor polish to clean trim and woodwork so that it looks beautiful and shiny. The more you highlight the character of the home the more buyers will be able to see the historic beauty of the home. You can also highlight the outdoor area if there is one by arranging classic outdoor furniture, planters and other items to show the potential for a garden or outdoor entertaining space.

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