Tips for Hiring The Right Professional Home Mover

Posted by Gurpreet Ghatehora on Sunday, October 23rd, 2016 at 7:18am.

So you’ve bought a new home. The mortgage is signed. The papers are all filed away. All that’s left is the big move, for which you’ll need professional movers. If you’re looking for movers, be sure to consider these tips. By doing so, you can get a moving company that will make your move faster and more successful.

1. Get an In-Home Estimate

Moving companies that don’t offer in-home estimates are often on the cheaper and less careful end of the moving company spectrum. Those who do their job seriously and professionally will want to see the space before they agree to the job, and will often offer a free estimate service just to make sure their pricing is correct. It’s best to get a few estimates from different moving companies, all conducted in-house, before settling on a company. This will give you a chance to feel out the company’s attitude and compare pricing.

2. Take Recommendations

Word-of-mouth is still the best form of marketing for one simple reason: a personal endorsement from a person you know speaks volumes about the company being recommended.

3. Consider Your Unique Needs

Not all moving companies are created equally. Some essentially pick up your boxes and dump them at your new place, all for a very low price. Others will help you with every step along the way but will cost you some extra money. If you are older, have a disability, or have some unique needs, be sure to find the right moving company to help you. Research their experience with your situation and find a company that understands you. It will help your move go over with a lot less stress.

4. Ask About Extra Charges. All of Them.

If you’ve ever rented a moving vehicle, you know that moving comes with extra charges. That twenty dollar truck turns into an eighty dollar ordeal very quickly thanks to all the surcharges. Your future moving company may operate under a similar business strategy, which isn’t always great for your wallet. Be sure to inquire about any potential added charges that you may incur while the move happens, including the added per-kilometre costs, costs for returning, and any insurance you may require. That way, when the bill arrives, there will be less surprises.

Your next big move will almost certainly require professional movers. So if you’re looking to move, be sure to call in a quality company that will move your things with care and efficiency. Look for companies that take their job seriously, and who fit your needs. That way, your move will be faster, and your things will be safer.

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