Tips For Helping Your Child Adjust To Their New Home

Posted by Gurpreet Ghatehora on Sunday, December 6th, 2015 at 9:43am.

Kids are often scared by change and, when it comes to a new house, they can often feel powerless in the face of big changes. When it comes to moving to a new house, they may like parts of the new place, but they’ll also need some help adjusting. Here are a few ways you can make the transition to a new house a little easier, so that your kids can start to feel like they’re in a new home. Not just a big, scary new house.

1. Talk About it First

While kids like some surprises, mostly when they’re gift related, a move isn’’t the kind of thing you spring on them last minute. Let your kids know the move is coming as soon as you can. They’ll probably have some questions, which you should answer truthfully and honestly. Be prepared for both positive and negative initial reactions, as all kids will react differently. And expect those reactions to change right up until you’ve moved in and settled.

2. Prepare Them for the Move

Actual moving day is a big one for kids, and you should probably expect some resistance to seeing their things all packed away in boxes. For younger kids, telling them about moving day can help them know what to expect. Use toys and stories to help illustrate what’s coming, and they may be excited when they see it unfold in real life. Keep them well out of the way come moving day, however, as there are plenty of dangers that could lead to injuries.

3. Get Them Set Up

A new room will be scary for a child, so try and make it as welcoming as possible as soon as you can. Prioritize setting up your kids’ rooms before anything else. Bringing out their familiar belongings and putting their room together can give them a safe space in which to feel safe. Then, they can always explore the new house and still have somewhere they can go to feel better.

4. Be Receptive

While you aren’t going to move back to that old house anytime soon, it’s important to listen to your kids when they talk about the new house, especially if there’s any negativity surrounding the new space. Young children can often get scared in their new rooms, and it’s important not to dismiss their concerns about things they may find frightening, especially after bedtime. Keep an open mind, and talk through their problems to help them get excited.

Moves are a scary thing for children, so it’s important that they feel as safe and secure as possible all throughout the moving process. Stay calm and open with their questions and concerns, and don’t expect their reactions to stay consistent. But if you remain honest, the confusion will eventually subside and you can all start to enjoy the next chapter in your life.


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