This Year’s Must Have for Homebuyers: Bonus Spaces

Posted by Gurpreet Ghatehora on Monday, April 1st, 2019 at 9:57am.

The way that people live at home is changing. And that is reflected in the ever-changing list of must-have spaces that buyers are looking for. A few years ago, the must-have was an attached kitchen and family room so that parents could keep an eye on kids while still cooking and doing other things. But now the must-have has shifted to bonus spaces. One of the top three things that buyers want these days is at least one bonus space in the home that isn’t just an extra bedroom.

With so many adults, especially stay at home parents, working at least part-time at home many home buyers insist on having a dedicated office space at home that isn’t just a spare bedroom. A home office or den is no longer optional for most home buyers, it’s something they have to have. And many parents now want a separate space for the kids to go where they can play video games and watch TV and play with toys without disturbing the rest of the house and where their mess won’t be seen by everyone who comes in the house.

What does that mean for sellers? That means that one of the best remodels that they can invest in if they want to sell their home faster is turning unused space into a bonus space. A ground floor extra bedroom can be turned into a dedicated office by installing a nice door and adding some built-in shelving or even a long countertop that can function as a workspace.

And attic or basement space can be remodeled into space for the kids to play or do homework or just hang out. Investing money in adding bonus space to the home is going to pay off for sellers because they will be able to attract buyers who are looking for unique spaces that they can use for the demands of their lifestyle. Turning the garage into a man cave, she shed, or even a separate office space that has its own entrance and bathroom can turn into a windfall for sellers. And buyers get to have the perfect space for their lifestyle ready to go when they move in. 




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