Things to Do Before You Move Out

Posted by Gurpreet Ghatehora on Thursday, January 7th, 2016 at 6:31pm.

So your house is sold and you’re moving on to something else. It’s an exciting time, filled with lots of packing, planning, and anxiety about the future. But before you turn the keys over to your home’s new owners, there are a few things you’ll need to do. Some of them are simply common courtesies, but others are in your best interests as well. Before you move out, be sure to cover this checklist.

1. Switch Your Utilities

Getting a double bill your first month in a new house is never a good thing, so be sure you switch all of your utilities to the new home before you get there. This will ensure that the lights actually turn on, but it also helps the people moving in to have everything ready as well. Some utility companies won’t switch until both parties have made the call, which is a pain if someone forgot. So cover your end of the deal and get them switched over to the new place. And, if you’re not under a contract, look at new options for your cable and internet. You may be able to get some free months of service by making a switch, or leverage that into a deal with your current provider. You can even do something as simple as cancelling and signing up again under your partner’s name (with their permission, of course), which could get you a deal on the services you already have.

2. Thank Your Neighbours

Moving away can be a somber time, so it can be nice to say goodbye to those who helped you in the neighbourhood. It could be someone who shovelled your walks or whose grass you cut, or someone who looked after your place while you were away. Moving doesn’t mean those relationships will end, but they will change. Saying goodbye is important and it will give you a chance to let them know that someone else is coming to the neighbourhood. That might mean the new owners will get as nice a welcome as you did, which is simply just sharing the love.

3. Pack Smart

Moving is, of course, the most intensive task when it comes to your new home, so it pays to move smart. Get all the necessities to the new place first, like toiletries, some kitchen supplies, pyjamas, and some clothes for the next couple of days. It will make your move less desperate, as in desperately looking for a spoon to eat your dinner, and it can bring some normalcy to everyone moving. Be sure to pack over a longer time so it’s less stressful, and get wardrobe boxes for your clothes so they survive the move in better shape.

Getting ready for your new home is important, but it’s also good to leave your old place in good shape for those moving in. Besides giving it a final cleaning before you leave, be sure to do some extras so they feel welcome and you can leave less stressed.

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