The Pros Of Buying A New Home

Posted by Gurpreet Ghatehora on Friday, June 3rd, 2016 at 10:22am.

Newly-constructed homes have many different advantages over resale homes. Here are just a few reasons why you should consider a new home instead of a resale when out house hunting.

1. Get in at the Ground Floor

Edmonton’s new homes are often built as single, cohesive communities that are designed to welcome a group of like-minded families and individuals. Instead of being places where people simply live, new homes are meant to bring people together. When you buy into a new home in this sort of community, you’re giving yourself the chance to be part of building that sort of community and experience, both for your own benefit and for the benefit of those who move in after you.

2. It’s Built for Today

Resale homes often have problems when it comes to the expectations of modern life. Everything from old wiring that can’t handle lots of electricity to plumbing that won’t support a second or third bathroom can be an issue in a resale. But a modern home is built knowing what modern families need for their homes. That means up-to-date electric work, plumbing that can handle more than a single shower at any given time, and often the opportunity to make internet connections faster and more effective. If you’re a modern person with an eye to the future, a new home can meet you where you are, and grow with you as you need.

3. New Appliances

One of the biggest costs of buying a resale is in the appliances. These homes often have outdated, inefficient, and ill-working appliances that simply will not do for your new life. But new homes are installed with new appliances, ones that can last longer than the appliances found in a resale home.

4. Modern Layouts

After the Second World War, Edmonton experienced a significant housing boom to welcome home the soldiers who fought for our country. These homes are found all over the city, and almost all of them have been completely gutted and changed. The reasoning is simple: these homes were built to function as houses for bigger families that lived in the fifties, not the families of the 21st century. Layouts nowadays are more open, larger, and provide people with more space than the homes built fifty years ago, and new homes will have that kind of aesthetic.

While buying a resale home can come with its own advantages, sometimes the best home for someone is a new one. New homes come with many advantages over resales, and can bring your family a much more stable and reliable future than a resale.

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