The Insider’s Guide To Buying A Condo

Posted by Gurpreet Ghatehora on Tuesday, February 7th, 2017 at 12:39pm.

When you’re looking to buy a condo, it’s a good idea to have all the advice you can get. Here are a few insider tips that could help you find the right condo for you.

1: Go Shopping

You’re buying a condo, which is no insignificant purchase, so why not look around a little before settling on something? Shopping around lets you see what people are selling and at what prices, which means you’ll be able to recognize a deal (and a rip-off) much more easily. Shopping around also lets you check out different neighbourhoods and get a feel for some different places that you may like to live.

2: Ask About Fees

Condo fees are often more than you may imagine, and if they aren’t offering up that information up front, they will be even higher. Always ask about condo fees, including the average rates that they have been increasing, so that you can factor that into your purchasing power. Many condo buyers don’t expect the fees to be as high as they are, leaving them effectively house poor in a condo, which isn’t ideal for anyone.

edmonton real estate3: Hire Some Help

Real estate agents aren’t just for single-family detached homes, they’re also condo experts. Look for a real estate agent with knowledge and experience in Edmonton’s condo market. The right one can help you find a great place, walk you through the buying process, and help you negotiate a better price.

4: Look At The Locker

Storage can be tight in a condo, where every inch is usually dedicated to a specific purpose. That’s where the storage lockers come in. These spaces can help you keep your condo clutter-free, so go and check it out. Some lockers are pretty much the size of a gym locker while others can actually be a fairly large bit of space. Go see it before buying just to make sure it can hold what you need.

5: Avoid Traffic

Condos are often located near or on major roads, which means you could experience some traffic noise if your condo faces the road or is above the door leading to the parking garage. Traffic can also apply to the condo itself: people living in units right across from the elevator have to deal with the sound of people getting on and off the elevator (not to mention the quiet “ding!” when the doors open).

6: Watch The View

Are you overlooking a park or the garbage disposal units? Because of their prime locations, condos can often sport amazing views, but not every unit’s view is created equally. Check out the view and, in Edmonton, look for those south-facing windows for extra warmth in the winter. Just be sure to have good curtains to block the heat on those hot summer days.

With these tips, you could make a smarter, more suitable condo purchase, and even save a little money along the way!

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