The Best Way to Help Your Cat with a Move

Posted by Gurpreet Ghatehora on Tuesday, December 8th, 2015 at 9:23am.

As every cat lover can tell you, felines are not exactly big fans of moving. They have their little roaming grounds and, when you move, they’re put into a whole new area. It’s filled with new smells, new spaces, and lots of unwelcome change, from a cat’s perspective, but that doesn’t mean they have to suffer. With just a few little tricks, you can help your cat get adjusted to their new environment. And once they do, it’ll be back to life as usual, at least for them.

1. Start with a Safe Ride

Cats hate cars, but they’re also a big danger when left out loose. They often like to get low on the ground, like at their master’s feet, which is a bit of a problem considering that’s where the pedals happen to be. So if you’re moving a cat, start by putting them in a kennel or container for the ride over. It will keep them safe and make it easier to move them into the new home. You may want to get them used to the container first by putting them in it for awhile without moving.

2. Give them Time

Cats need a lot of time to get used to new homes, often up to two months, so expect to wait awhile for them to get used to the space. Common reactions include making accidents, getting distant or aggressive, and a lowering of their already limited patience. You’ll have to work around them for the first little bit. Expect them to be affectionate and needy, and then completely absent.

3. Keep them Indoors

During those first few weeks, or couple of months, try to keep your cat inside at all times. They may try and wander back to the old house if left alone outdoors, which can lead to all kinds of problems, including potential traffic accidents. So while they’re getting used to the new environment, make sure they don’t have a chance to try and head back to the old one.

4. Let them Have a Home Base

Many experts recommend not letting the cat out of an initial room, like a bathroom or unused room, for a few days. Leave everything they need in the room, including water, food, litter box and any toys or other things they may need. After a few days, let them out and make sure they can always return to their home base for safety.

Helping your cat adjust to a new home is a long process, but one that’s necessary for their help and happiness. With patience and care, your cat can get used to the new place and things will go back to normal in less time than you may think.


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