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Reclaimed wood is one of the hottest interior designs trends this year and there are many ways that it can be used to stage a home and make that home look modern and updated even if it’s an older home. Reclaimed wood is easy to find and not expensive so the cost to use it for staging should be minimal. It can be a very inexpensive way to make a home look fantastic. With some paint and creative use of reclaimed wood any house can look more luxurious and totally on trend for this year. Buyers will notice these creative home elements using reclaimed wood:

Accent Wall Cladding

home stagingThe days of the single color painted accent wall are over. These days the hottest design blogs are featuring accent walls with natural color and texture. Accent walls covered with…

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When it comes to home staging and design there are a lot of new trends that you should be aware of so that you can stage homes for sale in a way that looks modern, updated, and appealing to buyers. The importance of staging a home can’t be overstated. Estimates are that staging a home increases the likelihood of it selling by more than 70% so staging is critically important to get a house sold. Use these top design trends for 2018 to stage homes and increase your sales:

Gray Is the New White

GrayWhite walls, even soft white shades of white, are totally out this year. Gray is the new white and you should be considering painting walls gray instead of white when repainting for staging or to sell a home. Gray hues ranging from very soft pearl gray to deep…

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Fall is rapidly approaching and now is the time to start getting together your fall staging ideas so that you can get those sales in before the holidays. Fall staging should be all about making the home feel cozy and comfortable and also highlighting potential entertaining spaces for holiday parties and get-togethers. Once the fall starts the holidays will arrive fast and buyers will be looking at new homes with an eye for entertaining options. Here are a few ideas from professional stagers to take your fall staging to the next level:

Keep It Cozy

Spring and summer staging emphasizes openness and space but when the fall comes people start thinking about settling into their home as a shelter from the rain, snow, and cold weather. So to really play up…

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Fall is approaching fast and homeowners that are planning on putting their homes on the market in the fall should always take care of the home’s outdoor areas before putting it up for sale. Keeping up the lawn and yard, and the driveway is an important part of getting a home ready to sell. Make sure that the homeowners that you are working with know that before they list their house in the fall they should always:

Power Wash the Driveway and Sidewalk

Pollen, dirt, and dust can build up on the driveway and sidewalk areas during the summer. And there also could be chalk remnants from summertime sidewalk drawings done by the neighborhood kids. Getting the driveway and sidewalks power washed will make them look vibrant, clean, and appealing. Potential…

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Summer is starting to wind down and your sales may be slowing down too. But there are a few ways that you can renew interest in your listings and catch the attention of buyers now so that deals can close before the summer is over and kids go back to school. If your sales are lagging in the summer heat these four ideas should help get things moving again:

Change Your Open House Times

Now that summer is in full swing people are often spending their weekends enjoying the outdoors at the beach or at the park. So, if you’re holding open houses on the weekends and not getting a lot of traffic you need to consider that during this time of the year more people are spending their weekends taking short trips and enjoying time with their families. Move your…

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Just when you have started to get a handle on what Millennials are looking for in new homes it’s now time to prepare for Generation Z buyers. The first members of Generation Z are starting to leave school, get professional jobs, start families, and settle down. And members of this unique generation have some unique must-haves when it comes to buying homes. Older home and traditional starter homes aren’t going to cut it for this generation of buyers. Here’s what you need to know about Generation Z home buyers:

Integrated Technology Is A Must Have

This generation has grown up on technology so they are extremely comfortable using technology and expect to have Smart home technology in their homes. In order to attract Generation Z buyers, homes must have…

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You might think that selling a home with a pool would be easy, especially during the hot summer months. But for many potential buyers, a pool isn’t a bonus. They think of the upkeep that a pool requires, and the liability of having an attractive nuisance on the property instead of the summer afternoons spent swimming and lounging in the comfort of their own home. If you are representing sellers that are selling homes with pools here are a few ways that you can remind potential buyers how much of a bonus a pool can be:

Show the Cost of Maintaining the Pool

A simple and effective way to make buyers warm up to the idea of having a pool is to have on hand estimates from a few different pools and spa companies showing what it would cost to have regular…

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Think you know what Millennial buyers are looking for? You may not know about these interesting home amenities that are attracting many Millennials to homes that have them. Of course, Millennials want Smart home technology capability and open concept floor plans. But these picky buyers are also starting to look for other home amenities that will fit their lifestyles like:

Secure Outdoor Buildings and Spaces

MillennialsMillennials are so comfortable with online shopping that they prefer to shop for everything online, even groceries. But there has been a huge jump in the theft of packages thanks to this surge in online shopping. Many viral videos have made the rounds showing thieves taking packages from the front and side doors of homes even in great…

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Today’s homebuyers expect a lot from their neighborhoods as well as their homes. With many homeowners working even longer hours than ever before and two-income families the norm parents want to be able to spend their free time at home with their kids in their neighborhood and not driving their kids all over the place. Here are the most requested neighborhood features that homebuyers want when they are looking for a new home:


Sidewalks used to be found everywhere, but now it’s getting harder and harder to find areas with nice wide and safe sidewalks. Walkability is extremely important for home buyers who want to be able to go walking with their families or take their pets for walks often. Walking trails and bike trails are also in high…

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It probably feels like you already know everything is there to know about hosting an open house. But there are reasons why some agents continually sell houses using open houses and others can’t seem to get an offer at an open house no matter what they do. You should be always updating your open house skills and adapting your methods to meet the demand from today’s buyers, who are a little more savvy about real estate than buyers in the past thanks to HGTV and the Internet. Today’s buyers aren’t going to be bowled over by a pie baking or other techniques that make houses more appealing. So, if you’re looking for ways to improve your open house skills and make every open house a smashing success here are some secrets from the top-selling agents that you can…

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