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Homes Sale Statistics In Lago Lindo

There were total 19 Active listings with 2 condo and 17 single family homes. Average Selling price is 339,751 and highest selling price is $479,600. There were 4 Listings sold within 30 days. Average sold price of listing was 315,350 and highest sold price was 359,900. Average Sold  days was 40 days. There is 4 months inventory in Lago Lindo Edmonton. . Average Sold price is up 13.6% month over month in June 2019. 


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For most of the last decade finding ways to appeal to potential homebuyers meant catering to the needs and desires of Millennial buyers. But now the focus is largely on Generation Z buyers who are starting to buy their first homes so they can settle down and start their families. Generation Z is focused on homeownership and many of them have started saving money for a home while they were still in college. Others have family money for down payments and they’re ready to buy property instead of spending years renting as the Millennials have done. But in order to get Generation Z buyers you need to show them homes with:

Open Concept Floorplans

Generation Z buyers were raised with lots of parental supervision and they plan on doing the same with their…

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Selling an older home can be a big challenge. These days buyers are watching real estate shows on TV and browsing listings online and those things are raising their expectations when it comes to buying a home. While buyers might want a fancy new build with high-end finishes they may only be able to afford something a little older. They might get frustrated at the mismatch between what they can afford and what they want. Sellers too can be frustrated when their older homes that have a lot of square footage but don’t have high-end finishes sit on the market. There are some fast fixes that sellers can do to give older homes the look and feel of a newer home that will make their homes more appealing to buyers like:


Painting is an easy and…

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An open concept floor plan has been the gold standard for new homes for many years. But the style is starting to shift and more and more buyers these days are looking for separate kitchens and dining areas and main floors that aren’t quite so open. If the sellers don’t want to undertake a huge renovation to close up an open concept main floor but you have a buyer that wants a more closed-in space you can suggest some easy ways that the buyer can get the privacy they want without having to demolish the first floor and do a major renovation like:

Use Bookshelves To Delineate Spaces

This apartment trick is a cliché because it works. Large standing bookcases or open cube shelving can be used to create the illusion of walls and define separate spaces.…

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Houses For Sale In Kirkness: Monthly Statistics

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There are currently 17 active listings in Kirkness and 15 Listings report sold this year which is down  -11.8% YOY. Inventory is down -33.3% as compared to last year and Average days on market is 30 which is down -32.8%. Sold to list price ratio is 98.4 which is up from last year. Average sold price is $260,257 which is down -16.5% (month over month). There is 2.14 months of inventory for homes for sale in Kirkness.


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Inevitably some sellers are going to be more motivated than others. Some sellers know that their homes need updating and are willing to spend a little money in order to make the home more attractive to buyers and some sellers just aren’t willing to put any money into fixing up the house at all. But no matter how motivated the seller is there are a few basic things that every seller needs to do before the house is listed to make it more attractive to buyers. The four things that are the most important for sellers to do before listing their homes are:

Get The House Professionally Cleaned

In an effort to save money some sellers will try to clean the home themselves. But no matter how good they are at cleaning they will miss things that will turn…

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When it comes to promoting your listings on social media Instagram is one of the best platforms to use. It’s photo and video-based so you can show off the best home photos and short videos of the homes. You can use up to 10 photos per post so you can show people a good overview of home all in the same post. Instagram also is the second most popular social media platform.

But many agents haven’t used Instagram as much as they could because of Instagram’s inability to add links to a post. It doesn’t help much if you post a great listing on Instagram but can’t direct potential buyers to the link with information about the home. Sure, you can put a link in your bio to your website but then people need to go to your site and surf for a particular listing.…

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Kilkenny, Edmonton Residential Property Price

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There are currently 16 active listings in Kilkenny and 36 Listings report sold this year which is up +55.55%. Inventory in down7.7% as compared to last year and Average days on market is 17 which is down -22.7%. Sold to list price ratio is 98.3 which is up+0.9% from last year. Average sold price is 326,000 which is down -6.6% (month over month). There is 4.67 months of inventory for homes for sale in Kilkenny.


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These days smartphones have such sophisticated cameras that most homeowners and agents just use their smartphones to capture photos of homes to add to listings. But that’s a mistake. Hiring a professional photographer is even more necessary today if you want to sell homes. Even though more people have access to high-quality cameras that doesn’t mean that all the photos you take of the homes you want to sell will be high-quality photos. Hiring a professional photographer with years of experience is the best way to get gorgeous photos that are going to sell a home.

Photographs Sell Homes

More than half of all home buyers search online for homes before contacting an agent. A whopping 99% of Millennial homebuyers check out online listings before…

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