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Real estate is a lucrative business, even for those who aren’t realtors. Investing in the right real estate can pay off big, while investing in the wrong real estate can cost you big – its anything but a risk-free business. One of the major draws of real estate is the potential for earning. Flipping and selling homes, or owning properties and renting them out can pay some pretty incredible returns – but it’s a lot of work and certainly not for everyone.
Just get your toes wet
Rather than diving in head first, you should approach real estate slowly. Research the market you want to shop in very well. Find out what the housing demand is like and what is the busiest price market for your area. You want to provide yourself with the best chance at success and…

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Everyone has goals in life that they hope to achieve by a certain, and for many, homeownership is a big one. Buying your first home is often only something you can afford to do after a lot of hard work and saving.

The Work
Paying off major debts like student loans and credit cards is a vital part of getting ready to own a home. Banks want to see good credit before they approve a mortgage - but they also need to see that you have money in the bank for a down payment and closing costs. Your down payment can be a gift from your parents but it can't be borrowed. You have to remember that homeownership is a major financial investment, and you don't want to be house poor - this means freeing up as much of your income as possible beforehand, is important.

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What is home flipping? Commonly called "flipping" this is the real estate practice of buying low and selling high, with a few stipulations.
How do I flip a home?
First off, you need to find a home that is a great investment opportunity. Sometime foreclosures offer this, but often it's just a matter of searching the market for a home that is undervalued. Undervaluing can be due to a home’s location, or it's state of repair. You want to find something in a good location that needs some work for your home flipping project. Once you find the place, the goal of flipping is to bring the home up-to-date as quickly as you can, and then resell at a higher price than you purchased at, in order to cover the cost of renovations and still make a profit.
Is there…

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Living in the country is a dream that many people share. Whether you simply like the idea of space and fresh air, or you have aspirations of running an acreage, owning animals and living off the land – it’s an idealistic life that many strive for. In Alberta rural real estate can mean a mobile home on 5 acres, or a modern mansion on 100 acres, and the price ranges are just as variable. Depending on what exactly you plan to do with the land and how much work you are willing to put into your dream, a true country life is very attainable.
But being a farmer isn’t everyone’s idea of ‘living in the country,’ right? Right. Lots of people simply want to seek out smaller rural communities where they still have convenient access to certain amenities, like grocery…

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Lots of people seem to be migrating from all across Canada to resettle in the West, primarily in Alberta. Why? What is the major draw? Well for one the workforce demand in Alberta is higher than anywhere else in the country, making it appetizing for Canadians from Newfoundland right to British Columbia. Edmonton real estate is another big reason why people are flocking to Alberta. Although the market in Edmonton can be aggressive, its considered fair overall when compared to other markets across the country that simply don’t offer the same job and wage prospects.
A good starting range for Edmonton real estate is about $300K. For this price you can get a decent starter home, single-detached, or a very nice condominium. While $300K might seem steep for the…

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The internet is the go to tool for anyone looking to buy or sell a home. We use the internet today to find everything, especially when it comes to real estate. You can vet a realtor online, look at available home listings, and even compare your home to similar ones on the market. Overall it’s a great way to get you started, regardless of what you are setting out to do, either buying or selling, or both! Real estate websites are particularly useful because they offer a direct line to a realtors and are monitored strictly, ensuring all the data you see is up to date.
What about other advertising sites?
Unlike a dedicated real estate website, other sites are frequently out of date. A popular place to post homes for sale in Canada, is Kijiji. With their free…

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Listing your home is a big step, especially if it’s your first time as a seller. There are some important things you need to do to get your home ready for market, the first of which is contacting a realtor. Your realtor will help you determine what small and/or affordable changes you can make to the property to make it more appealing to potential buyers (fresh coat of neutral paint, professional cleaning service etc.). Some other things you should consider are:
Stage your home
Before listing your home, you should consider staging it. Home staging puts your home in the best light for buyers, by expertly arranging furniture and adding accessories to liven up the home. This is a great tool to use for open houses and helps highlight the way the spaces in your…

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Buying a new home is becoming much more popular as people’s ideas of ‘necessity’ continue to change. New homes offer buyers a ton of choice in terms of finishing touches, whereas resale older homes often need to be improved upon, or have been altered to suit the specific preferences of the previous owner. A new home is a blank slate, and more and more people are desiring to get everything they want right away, without having to go through the whole “starter-home” process.
The pros
A new home often means a builders warranty and lots of customization. From paint colors to countertop materials, it’s your choice when you buy direct from the builder. If you are buying in a new development, this also means you get to move into a brand-spanking-new neighbourhood.…

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So you’ve decided that a brand new home is the way to go, but now what? First you’ll want to find a realtor you like and trust, and then you’ll want to visit some show homes. Builders build show homes, usually multiple ones, to showcase the various home models available for purchase, as well as all the possible additional features you could have. Generally these homes are run like offices so you will need to find out when they are open for tours in order to have a walk-through.
Where to begin…
If you know where you are interested in living, or the name of the development in question, look it up online and view the neighbourhood plans. Here you will be able to tell how many homes are planned, what kind of homes (multi-family, townhomes, single-family) they…

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MLS, or the Multiple Listing Service, is a great tool for home buyers, sellers and real estate agents. This database is a collection of all available homes in any given region in Canada – that are listed with a realtor. You can search by city or neighbourhood, and narrow things further by choosing the style of home or its features. MLS home listings guarantee buyers that what they are seeing is accurate and trustworthy. Unlike private sale homes that are advertised with networks such as Comfree, where there are no realtors, and getting in touch with the seller can be painful. Also, homes advertised on sites like Kijiji, are also unreliable because information is frequently out of date and sellers often don’t answer buyers trying to book viewings.
MLS home…

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