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You’d be right to think that the current state of oil pricing is going to effect the housing market, especially in Edmonton. Edmonton home sales are expected to level out in 2015, but realtors and financial analysts are fairly certain it won’t be a prolonged issue.

Edmonton has enjoyed a healthy real estate market for the better part of 6 years now, and it had to come to an end sometime – or at least it had to slow down. Since the price of oil is effecting job availability in the energy sector, with many facing layoffs, the frequency of buying is expected to taper off in 2015. At the same time, the reduction in employee demand means fewer people migrating to Alberta from Eastern Canada, which means a decrease in the housing demand. Luckily, Edmonton…

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What’s the worst part of being a first time home buyer? After tightening your belt to save up  for a mortgage, you go through the song and dance of all the procedures, and then pay a down payment. That’s okay, you were prepared for that, you did those calculations…but then your lawyer’s fees come out, moving expenses and all of sudden you are looking at a property tax bill. Talk about financial stress and strain!

Lucky, banks such as CIBC, offer something called a cashback mortgage, which is geared toward first-time buyers, and yes, it means exactly what you think it does. You get cash in hand from you mortgage – just in time to cover all those last minute expenses.

CIBC says that “The amount of money you receive is based on the size and term of…

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Satoo - Edmonton Real Estate Statistics

Total Number of Active Listings: 7
Total Condo Listings: 2
Single Family Homes: 5
Number Of Condos Sold:0
Number of Single Family Homes Sold:1

Average value for homes available in Satoo for 1301 sq feet house is $347,000 and highest value for Active listing for 1554 sq ft home $440,000. Average Sold price within 30 days for 1101 square feet home was $358,500 and highest selling price for 1101 sq feet home was $358,500.

Population of Satoo is 3514. There are two schools in the neighbourhood Satoo Elementary School and Dan Knott Junior High School .Both school fall under Edmonton Public school system . It is limited on the north 23 ave, on the south by Anthony Henday Dr, on the west by 91 Street and on…

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Kiniski Gardens - Edmonton Real Estate Statistics

Total Number of Active Listings:10
Total Condo Listings: 1
Single Family Homes: 9
Number Of Condos Sold:0
Number of Single Family Homes Sold:6

Average home price for Active listings in Kiniski Gardens  is $373,369 and Highest price for Active listings in Kiniski Gardens  is $679,900. Average Sold price in Kiniski Gardens within 30 days was $356,650 and highest selling price was $498,000.

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Jackson Heights - Edmonton Real Estate Statistics

Total Number of Active Listings:7
Total Condo Listings: 4
Single Family Homes:3
Number Of Condos Sold:2
Number of Single Family Homes Sold:3

Average home price for Active listings in Jackson Heights is $371,926 and Highest price for Active listings in Jackson Heights is $479888. Average Sold price in Jackson Heights within 30 days was $343,700 and highest selling price was $368,000.

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When looking into Edmonton homes for sale, the first place you should check if you don’t yet have a realtor, is MLS® will allow you to narrow down your search area and the criteria of the home you are searching for. Another good idea is to look at the individual websites of realtors. There you can review all the properties they represent, and contact them directly about them.

Available Edmonton homes for sale change rapidly. It is a healthy market which requires buyers to move quickly when they find a place they like. Because of this, many online databases may not be 100% accurate. To avoid this, you’ll want to secure the services of a realtor, who will be able to speak with other realtors quickly and determine if properties are still available…

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Many who are inexperienced in home buying, or who simply aren’t at that point in their life, likely have no idea what is involved. It’s common to think you need to worry about only 2 things: a mortgage approval and a down payment. But getting your new home finances in order means looking at the big picture – before and after the purchase.

Before you buy

Yes, it’s a good idea to get a mortgage preapproval and you’ll want to have a sufficient down payment based on your price range, but that’s not all. Additional costs include a lawyer, a home inspector, and securing home insurance; property taxes are another consideration. You’ll want to have some wiggle room in your savings account to cover your closing costs and anything else that may come up.

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Save more than you need
There are a lot of miscellaneous costs that come with home buying. One of the most important first time buyer tips you can get is to reinforce your savings account. Between lawyers’ fees, home inspections, moving costs and down payments, the cost of home buying stacks up quickly. Many first time buyers do the basic mathematics to decide what their price range is and what they will need for a down payment, but few realize the additional costs associated with the process. If you need $10 000.00 for a down payment, make sure you have at least $13 000.00 before going to get a mortgage preapproval. Although you may have the required down payment in place, if the bank does not see that you can finance your closing fees, they may reject…

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Edmonton Homes for Sale are popping up every minute and selling out faster than you can blink. In the South end of the City alone, there are over a dozen developments in various stages of completion. Now is a great time to buy in this part of the City because you’re pretty much guaranteed to see a return on your investment.

While you may only be purchasing a lot at this time, depending on the development, one thing is a fact: getting in on a development in the earliest stages is going to offer you the best prices (on lots or homes). As developments complete, construction noise dissipates, landscaping is finished and the area more or less settles. All the amenities and features of the community are in place for residents and a whole neighbourhood is now…

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