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Real EstateReal estate markets fluctuate, it’s the name of the game. In many ways it’s like the stock market, up and down, buy low, sell high – you get the picture. The only difference is that the real estate market is far less volatile than the stock market. Stock prices change every day, sometimes dramatically and with next to know warning. People lose millions of dollars at the drop of a hat. Real estate markets change more slowly and remain in peaks and valleys for far greater amounts of time.

So Real Estate is a safer investment then, right?

This is tough. The answer is both yes, and no. There are far more indicators out there to tip you off that the real estate market may take a dive soon, or that valuations may rise dramatically. So in some ways, yes,…

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Home RenovationsWhether you are buying or selling a home, if you are planning to do renovations you need to have a clear schedule of events and lots of wiggle room. Some renovations, specifically to critical spaces, require more planning than others. Here’s why:

The kitchen

Depending on the extent of the renovations you have planned, your kitchen could be out of order for a couple of weeks or even months if complications arise. It’s not only important to have contingency plans in effect, but it’s also necessary to plan out each aspect of the renovation so that you always have access to the basic necessities. For instance, if you are replacing your flooring, it would be good to have the whole job done in a day (if possible) or over the course of a weekend. Sending…

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Brookside Edmonton Homes For Sale Statistics (5 Listings)

Current Home Prices Size (sq ft) Listing Price Listing Price/sq feet
High  4009 $939,900 $324.53
Low  2018 $654,900 $224.47
Average 2757 $772,640 $288.29
Median 2647 $699,000 $310.10

Brookside Real Estate

Sold Listings - Brookside Real Estate Listings Statistics (1 listing sold within 30 days)

Sold Home Prices Size (sq ft) Listing Price Listing Price/ sq feet Sold  Price Listing Price/sq feet Days on Market 
High  1722 $569,900 $235.59 $560,000 $325.20 13
Low  1722 $569,900 $144.23 $560,000 $325.20 13
Average 1722 $569,900 $189.13

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Home MaintenanceWe all consider things like lawyer’s fees, moving expenses and property taxes when you enter the world of home buying. You have a lump sum in the bank just itching to become a down payment, but few people realize the amount of annual maintenance a home may require. One way to prevent any significant surprise expenses is to have a home inspector thoroughly review the property.

Watch For…

Your home inspector will look at the roofing and the foundation of the home to make sure you don’t have any damage that may lead to flooding or serious water damage when it rains. Your inspector will be able to tell you how old the roofing is and how much more life it has in it. They will also be able to talk to you about the integrity of the houses outer walls, and…

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MoldNo one wants to find out they have mold in their home, it’s never good news, and yes, it is a big deal. Mold spores, especially black mold, can be very detrimental your health. If you have mold growing in your walls or flooring, spores can become air borne and find their way into your lungs.

Health issues

A variety of health issues can be cause from breathing in mold and it can be very dangerous for those with pre-existing conditions, like asthma. This is of particular concern for risk groups like infants, seniors and pregnant women.

What to do?

If you discover mold in your home, you have to have it removed. This is typically done by a professional mold removal business. They will remove any materials that have been ruined by the mold, which…

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TimeshareYes! They absolutely are, but the real question is: is it right for you? A timeshare can be a great asset and a guaranteed vacation every year. Timeshares work by splitting the cost of an often expensive property, in an idyllic setting, amongst multiple buyers (investors) and then breaking up the amount of time (and times of year) that each investor gets to spend enjoying the property.

The cons

Regardless of whether you are able to use the time you are allotted for your timeshare, you pay for it. Lots of people try to rent their timeshare spaces that they can’t utilize to friends and family, but it’s often difficult. If you have a hard time getting time off of work, or don’t have a lot of disposable income to invest, this may not be a good real…

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Homeowner’s Associations can be a really great thing for a neighbourhood. Comprised of people who live in the neighbourhood, an HOA is in place to help neighbourhoods beautify their space and tackle important projects they may fall outside the responsibilities of the city. All of that considered, lots of people don’t like the idea of an HOA, and that when one exists, you are automatically a part of it when you purchase a home in a specified area. Why? Because there are fees.

How much?

This really depends on the association, the city, and the neighbourhood it takes care of. HOA dues are collected yearly (generally) and go toward things like painting fences that are in common public areas within the neighbourhood, maintaining an outdoor pool (if there…

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Brander Gardens Edmonton Homes For Sale Statistics (12 Listings)

Current Home Prices Size (sq ft) Listing Price Listing Price/sq feet
High  4560 $1,788,000 $406.81
Low  1076 $172,900 $138.91
Average 1951 $480,033 $216.50
Median 1514 $250,750 $193.51

Brander Gardens Real Estate

Sold Listings - Brander Gardens Real Estate Listings Statistics (7 listings sold within 30 days)

Sold Home Prices Size (sq ft) Listing Price Listing Price/ sq feet Sold  Price Listing Price/sq feet Days on Market 
High  1560 $232,000 $235.59 $229,000 $235.59 76
Low  666 $156,900 $144.23 $156,900 $137.82 11
Average 1126

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How Commission Fees Work

Lots of people think that real estate is a highly lucrative business from the realtor’s point of view, which can be attributed to television shows like Million Dollar Listing. The truth is that realtor’s work long and hard to earn their commissions, but it’s not as simple or glamorous as you may think.

Who pays?

Typically, the seller is the one who takes responsibility for the commission fees. Depending on your realtor, they can charge anywhere from 3.5% - 7% on the first $100 000 of your list prices, and then (typically) it drops to 3% on the remaining value of the list price. So if your listed for $150 000, your realtor would get $7000 for the first $100 000 and $1500 on the reminder for a total of $8500 in commission –…

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With the massive plummet in oil pricing, the Edmonton real estate market is bound to see some backlash. Although it’s a relatively recent occurrence, many people have already lost their jobs and as a result the Edmonton real estate market has begun to cool off.

Can it Last?

Many economists believe that the energy sector is going to flounder for at least a year before seeing any type of recovery. While consumers are benefiting greatly from the low-prices at the pumps, many others have found themselves in the unemployment lines. There is no sure-fire way to say when prices will climb again, but it’s all about politics so the world news will be very telling. The Edmonton real estate market will change in tandem with the oil pricing.

The Good News

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