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Most homeowners don’t want to invest the time or money in getting their house painted or changing the siding before selling the home. But in some cases, usually when sellers are trying to sell older homes that have seen better days, it’s really the best way to get buyers to notice the home. Buyers won’t be attracted to homes that have old, faded, cracked or peeling siding. So even though it can mean a bit of a financial investment changing the siding of a home can increase the interest in a home. It also can bring in a higher price for the seller because most buyers consider new siding to be a very attractive feature in the home. When they buy a house with new siding they know that they won’t have to replace the siding for many years to come and some…

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Spring sales season is heating up, but some sellers might miss out on the best time to sell their homes if they don’t start getting their homes in shape to sell now. According to the most recent data, the best month for home sales in May and May is quickly approaching. If you are working with sellers that don’t seem to be any big hurry to get their homes on the market here are a few things you should remind them of so that they will get motivated to get their houses ready to go on the market sooner rather than later:

People Want to Move in Spring and Summer

Selling house in springOne of the reasons why spring is the best time to sell a house is that people are generally anxious to close on a home and start moving by the end of spring and into early summer. Moving in the…

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Today’s home buyers are much more knowledgeable about the home buying process than ever before. And thanks to social media and design blogs they have a much clearer idea of what they want in a home. So what is it that home buyers are looking for when they select an agent? According to home buyers, these are the things that they look for when they choose an agent to help them buy a home:


Home buyers are not going to sway by a hard sales pitch. They want to work with an agent that they can trust to have their best interests at heart. In order for a buyer to trust you, they have to feel like you are listening to what they want in a home and are willing to prioritize their needs by selling a particular home. In order to win a buyer’s trust, you…

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If you are an experienced real estate agent with years of experience, you can capitalize on that experience and give yourself another revenue stream by becoming a real estate coach. A real estate coach is exactly what it sounds like. You are helping other agents, especially new agents, by teaching them the tips and tricks that you have learned over the years. Because you know what works and what does not and you know how to sell you help other agents become more successful and teach new agents the basics that they need to know in order to thrive in real estate. You can become a coach and a mentor to other agents at your firm or take your skill set online and offer coaching and information to agents everywhere.


If you are interested in…

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In the spring when flowers are blooming, the grass is growing, and the sun is shining it is easy to make almost any home look great from the outside. Nevertheless, when the hot summer weather comes causing grass to wilt and creating a hazy and tired look it can be a little harder to for home sellers to maintain great curb appeal. Looking to Sell Edmonton Real Estate Here are a few ways that sellers can boost the curb appeal of their homes during those hot summer months so that potential buyers want to see more of the property:

Commit to Grass or Get Rid Of It All

Best Edmonton real estate agentIf the grass in the yard is patchy and will not grow well because of the soil or the heat or other factors homeowners need to decide to give grass everything they have got or got rid of it…

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When was the last time you updated your digital toolkit? These days having a digital presence is just as important as having business cards and other marketing materials that you keep on hand to give out when you’re out and about. Nearly 60% of home buyers these days look online for homes and for agents so having a great digital presence is very important. Here are the things that every real estate agent needs in order to attract buyers and sellers online:

Active Social Media Accountsbest edmonton real estate agent

It is not an exaggeration to say that social media accounts have never been more important. These days even huge corporations offer people the chance to get customer service through social media. Therefore, it makes sense that it is also important for agents to be…

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Often when homeowners customize their homes, it can be harder to sell their home because the house is set up to be functional for them and it will not appeal to a wide range of buyers. However, there are some custom touches that homeowners can make that will actually increase the amount of interest in their home. These are a few of the custom touches that buyers really love in a home:

Custom Storage

There can never be too much storage in a home. In addition, when homeowners invest in custom-built storage that fits into the home perfectly it will definitely get the attention of potential buyers. Storage built into areas like the kitchen, laundry room, and mudroom is a big selling point. So is a custom storage unit in the garage. Craft or bonus room…

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If you have worked with first time home buyers before you know that the process can be very confusing for them. Working with people who are buying their first home means that a lot of communication is necessary to make sure that they understand the process. But they will have questions. And fears. And that’s understandable because buying your first home is a very big purchase. For many people, it’s the first time in their lives that they are making a huge purchase and they will have fears that they will bring to you. Here’s how to counter the 3 most common fears that first time home buyers have:

Fear Of Not Getting The House They Want

First time home buyersOften when people decide to buy a house they get emotionally attached to a house they’ve seen online or a house…

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One of the biggest mistakes that real estate agents make these days is not making use of social media. Social media is one of the most effective ways to market yourself and it’s free. If you use social media correctly it can lead to lots of new clients and sales, as well as referrals. There’s simply no reason not to use it. If you’re already using social media but you aren’t seeing a big return that doesn’t mean that social media doesn’t work, it just means that you need to change the way that you approach social media. If you have not really been using social media because you think it’s not very effective here are a few reasons why you need to take another look at marketing yourself using social media:

Social Media Builds Relationships

Social MediaNearly…

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Working with first time home buyers can mean spending a little extra time with them to help walk them through the process of buying their first home. But investing a little time in educating them about the home buying process can pay off in the end. Here are some tips to help you reach out first time buyers and help them understand the home buying process:

Set Clear Expectations

first time home buyersWhen you’re working with first-time buyers they may come into the process with unclear or unrealistic expectations of what the home buying process is like or how long it will take. So when you’re working with first-time buyers, especially with Millennial buyers, you need to manage their expectations from the start. When you first get in touch with first-time buyers you…

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