Spring Cleaning Tips To Get Houses Ready To Sell

Posted by Gurpreet Ghatehora on Tuesday, April 17th, 2018 at 9:59pm.

The best thing that homeowners can do to sell their Edmonton homes is to hire a professional cleaning service. But some homeowners won’t want to do that because of the expense and will clean the home themselves. Spring home buyers will expect a deeper level of cleaning than homebuyers who buy homes during other seasons.  If you are working with a homeowner that insists on cleaning the home themselves before it is shown to buyers make sure that you share these spring cleaning tips with them to get the house in tip-top shape before buyers tour the home.

Clean The Windows

Most people remember to clean the interior windows when they are spring cleaning before putting a house up for sale but they forget about the outside windows. The outside windows need to be cleaned too, especially after the winter season. If the homeowners don’t want to hire professionals to clean the exterior windows they should plan on spending a weekend or longer cleaning the exterior windows and making sure that they sparkle. Washing the outside windows will let more sunlight into the home making it seem brighter and more inviting.

Get Carpets Professionally Cleaned

Edmonton Real EstateMany homebuyers are not too crazy about buying a home with carpet, especially if the homeowner has pets. If the homeowner doesn’t want the expense of removing the carpet and having new flooring put them down they should hire a professional carpet cleaning coming to come in and deep clean the carpet. This is extremely important if they have pets. Potential Edmonton Home buyers will instantly notice a carpet that hasn’t been professionally cleaned and it’s a huge turn off for most buyers. Many carpet cleaning companies offer great deals in the springtime that can help defray the cost. But even at full price, it’s an investment that homeowners should make.

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Don’t Forget The Patio

Outdoor living spaces matter a lot to potential buyers. In the spring they will be looking for homes that offer outdoor living and entertaining space. So an old, dirty or cracked patio area isn’t going to be something that impresses buyers. Make sure that patios and outdoor areas have no cracks. Sweep them well and try to make them look as attractive as possible. Outdoor carpeting can be used to make a space more inviting. Or homeowners might want to consider installing interlocking wood planks to cover the existing cement.


Homeowners getting a home ready for sale in the spring need to powerwash the siding, the driveway, and any walkways around the home. Potential buyers will notice if the house looks dirty or dingy and after the winter seasons, most houses need a good cleaning on the exterior as well as the interior. 

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