Simple Ways To Save On Heating This Edmonton Winter

Posted by Gurpreet Ghatehora on Friday, December 16th, 2016 at 9:44am.

edmonton real estateEdmonton winters are long, cold and many Edmontonians know that the heating bills are only getting bigger. Many heating solutions cost a lot of money, like a new furnace or new windows, but there are cheap and simple ways to save on heating as well. Here are just a few easy tips for helping you save on your next heating bill.

1. Unlock the Power of the Sun

The sun can heat up your home ever so slightly during the day, but the second it’s no longer pouring into a room, the shade will start to cool things off. Keep your drapes open when the sun is shining directly in your home, then close them when there’s no more sunlight. This will trap the sun’s rays in your home and help it maintain its temperature.

2. Seal Up Unused Rooms

In more extreme instances, you can actually seal off parts of your home that don’t need heating in the winter. This can include access to sun room’s and other similar spaces, which can draw heat away from your home. Seal these rooms up by covering the vents entirely and closing the door. Extra insulation for the door can help protect your home from the chill and save you money when the heating bill arrives.

3. Get a Timed Thermostat

Your home doesn’t need to be warmed when you’re not home, but you don’t want to come home to a cold house, either. The best thing to help you save money, sometimes by over a third, is by installing an automatic thermometer. These programmable thermometers will turn the heat down when you aren’t home and automatically start heating up again before you get home. It can also be programmed to slow the heat while under your blankets at night, saving you even more.

4. Slow and Steady

We’re all tempted to crank the heat when we get home, hoping that the chill in the air will lessen faster if we push the heat past where we need. Unfortunately, this doesn’t actually quicken up the pace of heating your home. All cranking the heat does is make your furnace work longer to reach higher heats. So the next time you want to turn the thermostat all the way up, just put it to the ideal temperature instead.

5. Cut Out the Drafts

Drafts come from two major places in any home: the chimney and doors. For the first, it’s wise to block a draft-prone chimney during the colder months to help your home stay warm. Of course, if you use your fireplace quite frequently, you can use it for heat in the evenings and turn down your thermostat for longer.

For doors, watch out for cat flaps, mail slots, and keyholes. They are quite common on older doors and can often lead to unnecessary drafts coming through your home. The door itself may be letting drafts in as well, which means you may need to swap it out for a new one or seal up the frame.

When it comes to keeping your home warm for the long and cold Edmonton winters, sometimes just a few changes can result in big savings. Keep an eye on your drapes, your drafts, and your thermostat to help your home stay warm, and use that extra money for something else.

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