Simple And Fast Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Posted by Gurpreet Ghatehora on Thursday, July 7th, 2016 at 9:24am.

Bedrooms are where we sleep, obviously, but they’re also some of our most private spaces. They can reflect who we are in ways that other rooms cannot. For kids, a bedroom is their own special place, somewhere that they can go that’s truly there’s. And for adults, it’s actually not that different. Often, we think that bedroom makeovers and renovations are expensive and time-consuming, but that doesn’t have to be the case. Here are some bedroom decorating tips that can spruce things up while you are on a budget.

1. Chalkboard Wall

Chalkboard paint is inexpensive and easy to apply. It takes some extra coats compared to regular paint, but the payoff can be something truly spectacular. Kids love blackboard walls since they give them a place to draw and create without consequence. But these walls are finding their way into adult bedrooms as well, often for the same reasons. Of course, they also make great reminder boards for what you need to do every day as well.

2. A New Side Table

Side tables can completely change your bedroom for one very good reason: they hold stuff. Getting a new side table for your bedroom that has extra storage capacity can help you cut clutter, keep things organized, and make the space beside your bed everything you need it to be. So if you want a decorative lamp and a place for your book, try a smaller side table. If you love magazines stored neatly within arm’s reach, find one with a drawer that can hold all of the latest issues.

3. Book Shelves

For the bibliophile, there is nothing more satisfying than an organized and full bookshelf. The collection of different experiences and knowledge represented by the spines of books can bring many people a feeling of contentment and satisfaction. If you love books, a bookshelf in the room is a must-have. But even if you’re not a big reader, a bookshelf can be an excellent addition to your bedroom. Instead of books, you can fill it with accent pieces and other things that can add some colour and texture to your room. And just like side tables, bookshelves can help you stay organized and cut the clutter.

4. Wall Decals

A full coat of paint can be time-consuming and expensive. A collection of wall decals are pretty much the exact opposite. This sticky pops of colour can revitalize a room in ways that a new coat of paint simply cannot. Kids in particular love adding patterns with wall decals to their bedrooms, but they can also help adult bedrooms as well.

When it comes to bedrooms, sometimes quick and easy solutions are better than more expensive ones. With the addition of a small organizational piece, or a pop of colour with wall decals, you can completely transform a space, and still keep your wallet full.

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