Should You Specialize In A Home Niche?

Posted by Gurpreet Ghatehora on Tuesday, May 15th, 2018 at 10:20pm.

When it comes to selling Leduc homes should you specialize in selling a certain type of home or selling in a certain neighborhood? Conventional wisdom says that specializing may result in not as many sales but experts disagree. The top real estate sellers all say that focusing on one particular niche and establishing yourself as an expert in that niche is the best way to be as successful as possible in real estate. That’s because by focusing on one niche you can learn all the insider information that sellers and buyers are looking for in that niche. Maybe you want to focus on selling luxury homes in Edmonton. Or maybe you want to sell historic homes. Find a niche that appeals to you and learns everything that you can learn about it. Not sure what kind of niche is the right niche for you? Consider some of these niches that can be very profitable for real estate agents:

Working With Millennial Buyers

Selling your Edmontoon HomeMillennial buyers are expected to buying homes in droves over the next couple years. But Millennial buyers are often first-time buyers and they have a unique set of expectations and preferences when it comes to buying homes. If you choose to focus on working with Millennials you will need to learn all the unique factors that influence Millennial buyers, what they are looking for in a home, and you’ll have to be current on design trends. It also is a good idea to learn as much as you can about first-time buyer financing and budgeting so that you can help your buyers through the financial part of the buying process.

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Working With Baby Boomers

This can also be a very lucrative niche for agents. Baby Boomers are often looking to downsize their current family home and trade it for a luxury resort style home in a fun community. Baby Boomers have the money to spend on the lavish real estate and they’re looking for luxury. That can mean big commissions for agents who have done their research and know how to accommodate the very precise expectations that Boomers have. If you choose to specialize in working with this kind of buyer expect to give the best service because Boomer buyers are looking for excellence. But they are willing to pay for it and that means you could be very successful.

Selling In A Particular Neighborhood

Picking a family-friendly neighborhood, or an artistic neighborhood, or a historic neighborhood and honing your real estate selling skills to really become an expert on the real estate in that neighborhood is a great way to carve you a lucrative niche for yourself. As the local expert on that neighborhood buyers and sellers will come to you when they want to buy or sell in that neighborhood. And focusing on only one neighborhood will give you lots of great social media content about that neighborhood you can post to establish your expertise in that area online.

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