Renovations You Can Finish Before The Fall

Posted by Gurpreet Ghatehora on Wednesday, October 5th, 2016 at 10:53am.

Edmonton is said to have two seasons: winter and construction. Other places around this world make this joke as well, but here, it’s true. The winter cold brings a lot of different kinds of work to a halt, with freezing temperatures and frozen ground making many projects more difficult or simply impossible. The same is true for our homes and many renovations are best done in the summer, when it’s okay to leave something uninsulated or dig without worry of bending your shovel. And since fall is right around the corner, here are a few renovations you can get done before the winter cold sets in.

1. Get a New Driveway

There’s a reason people don’t pour concrete in the winter: it doesn’t set properly and the cold will make it crack almost instantly. That’s why any and all driveway-related renovations should be finished in the summer, when the warm, dry weather will help the concrete set properly, stay strong, and avoid cracking. Even if you aren’t going the traditional concrete route for your new driveway, you’ll want to do it in the summertime, since most materials that are used on driveways won’t work properly in Edmonton’s frigid winters.

2. Roofing Changes

Working on a roof is not very fun. In the winter, it’s almost impossible. Most roofers prefer to do residential work in the summertime because it’s safer, easier, and simply more enjoyable. If you need your roof inspected or replaced, it’s best to call someone right away. Many roofers will still be active for a few more months, but their schedules fill up fast. And once that first snow hits, you may have to wait until spring before you can find a roofer to fix your home.

3. A New Deck

Just like driveways, much of the materials needed to build a new deck need to be laid out in the summer heat. Concrete foundations and more cannot work in the winter, and working with wood in freezing weather can prove difficult.August and September are some of the best months to get a new deck. The warm, dry weather makes work much easier and you’ll still have a little time to enjoy it before winter comes.

4. Extensions

Major home extensions that require knocking out a wall almost always need to be done in the summer. You’ll have to abandon your home for a little while regardless, but doing so in the summer is a lot easier. In fact, you can get the extension plans all ready, the contractors hired, and go on a little vacation while it happens, hiring someone to handle any issues that may arise.

Renovations in Edmonton often need to happen in the summer. It’s just the way our cold city works. These projects are still some that you can get finished before winter sets in. Each one can increase your home’s value and make the winter much more bearable.

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