Problematic Plumbing Pitfalls New Homeowners Face

Posted by Gurpreet Ghatehora on Tuesday, February 21st, 2017 at 10:50pm.

Every home, whether it be new or old, needs to have its plumbing inspected from time to time. In some unfortunate circumstances during the sale of a home, home inspectors can gloss over potentially big issues. In other cases, some buyers simply are a little too trusting and have not had a proper home inspection performed on their own accord. In either case, the new buyer must deal with whatever underlying issues are present. Here are the most important things for you to look for and a bit of advice on how to solve each, in your locality these issues may differ slightly:

edmonton real estateGalvanized Pipes

In yesteryear, galvanized piping was a godsend – by covering steel piping with a protective layer of zinc the pipes were safer and easier to work with than lead piping. However, given enough time these pipes corrode big-time and result in common issues such as low water pressure and even potentially lead contamination. Many years ago lead pipes were used in water supply lines, the lead from these pipes easily stores up in the substrate of galvanized pipes, as they corrode this material is released back into the water supply.

If your home was built in or around the 1960s you might have galvanized pipes in your home. If you suspect you have galvanized piping in your plumbing system it’s advised to have a licensed, experienced plumber both inspect and replace your pipes. Your water pressure will be greatly increased and you’ll avoid the possibility of lead contaminated water.

Old, Failing Appliances

Another potential problem is overlooking the longevity of existing plumbing appliances and fixtures, for instance a water-heater, sink, toilet, or faucets may appear to be in great shape but then begin to fail after a short period of time. If this you are experience problems with your fixtures, even if they look brand-new, it could be time to have them replaced.

There is a wealth of information online for you to reference regarding each specific appliance and associated problems, and you are well advised to do so before making any rash or large purchases. Sometimes a simple repair is all that is necessary and the work can be done on your own. However, in other cases the work must be carried out by a licensed plumber and you would be quite intelligent to follow this advice as your insurance company may deny an associated claim should you run into any problems down the road. It’s a good idea to research not only the repair methods but also the insurance implications.

Basement Flooding Concerns

Additionally, you will want to look into the basement flooding prevention including sump pump, weeping tile system, and backwater valve if required in your neighbourhood and make sure that these area all well taken care of.

Armed with a bit of advice and aided by the proper contractors you can easily rectify your new home’s plumbing problems while avoiding costly and troublesome problems down the road.

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