Planning your renovation schedule

Posted by Gurpreet Ghatehora on Wednesday, May 6th, 2015 at 9:41am.

Home RenovationsWhether you are buying or selling a home, if you are planning to do renovations you need to have a clear schedule of events and lots of wiggle room. Some renovations, specifically to critical spaces, require more planning than others. Here’s why:

The kitchen

Depending on the extent of the renovations you have planned, your kitchen could be out of order for a couple of weeks or even months if complications arise. It’s not only important to have contingency plans in effect, but it’s also necessary to plan out each aspect of the renovation so that you always have access to the basic necessities. For instance, if you are replacing your flooring, it would be good to have the whole job done in a day (if possible) or over the course of a weekend. Sending family away for this time will make the whole process easier. This could be as simple as sending the kids to theire grandparents for the weekend. If you are planning a total overhaul of the space, be sure to have lots of space in your budget. Surprises happen. Tearing out the old kitchen may reveal issues you hadn’t planned for (like old wiring, mold, broken supports or plumbing problems).

The bathroom

This may be even more critical than the kitchen. If you don’t have a secondary washroom, even a half-bath, a bathroom renovation can be really inconvenient. Plumbing and mold issues could come up that extend the length and cost of the renovation. It’s best to do these before moving into a home, or to a home you own but do not currently live in if you are selling. Going without a shower for 48hrs may be perfectly manageable, but if your contractors have conflicts or you end up having permit issues, this could end up being a much longer renovation.

Plan ahead, and plan for set-backs. Have excess in your budget and an idea of what you’ll do if you need to leave the home for a night, a weekend, or longer.

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