Pet Friendly Upgrades Buyers Are Looking For

Posted by Gurpreet Ghatehora on Tuesday, April 16th, 2019 at 3:28pm.

Pets are like family, and a lot of home buyers want to find homes that have special touches built in to make the home for friendly for their pets. Of course, buyers with dogs want things like a large yard and a good fence to keep their furry friends safe when they’re out in the yard but pet owners of all kinds are looking for homes that have pet-friendly upgrades. Pet upgrades are not expensive to put into a home and they are a great way for sellers that are on a budget to add personalized spaces that will really attract the attention of buyers. Some pet-friendly upgrades that buyer is looking for in homes include:

Pet Crates Built-Ins

Creating a built-in pet crate space under the stairs, in an odd corner, or in the hallway is a fantastic way to add value to a home that you want to sell. Secure pet-built ins save space because then pet owners don’t have to jam a large crate into space. And they give pets a cozy nook all their own to relax in and sleep in. Pet crates and pet beds built into different areas of the home are at the top of the list of upgrades that pet owners love.

Pet Washing Stations

Adding a shower area just for pets to rinse off is a very clever upgrade that dog owners and other pet owners will love. It’s not unusual for people to have unusual pets like pigs or mini-horses in addition to dogs. And having a dedicated space in a mudroom or laundry room where pet owners can bring their pet inside from the yard and immediately wash off muddy paws and coats before the animal tracks mud all over the house is a huge attraction for buyers. It’s not that expensive to add a pet washing station to a laundry room or powder room or even to put one in the garage.

Pet Feeding Stations

Another bonus that pet owners really like is having built-ins for pet feeding and water dishes. Since many animals prefer to eat from a raised dish a small riser with places for large food and water bowls tucked into the corner or the kitchen or laundry room is something that pet owners find very appealing.

Cat Litter Box Areas

Even the most loving and devoted cat owner would prefer to keep litter boxes out of sight and tucked away. Creating in a small area in the laundry room or on a screened in porch where the litter boxes can be secured and adding a door that has a cat flap so that the mess from the litter boxes is contained in that room is something easy to do that will impress cat owners quite a bit.



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