On The Rise Edmonton Real Estate Trends For 2018

Posted by Gurpreet Ghatehora on Saturday, April 14th, 2018 at 10:45am.

 2018 is going to be a banner year for real estate. Home prices should hold steady and the demand for new homes is going to rise again as more Baby Boomers and more Millennials search for homes. New technology is going to revolutionize the way that agents sell homes and some of the incoming design trends will be a welcome change from the tired trends of the last ten years. Here are some of the biggest up and coming real estate trends in 2018:

Going Virtual

edmotnon real estateYou’re already using the Web to connect with buyers and post listings but new advances in technology are going to take Web selling to another level. Augmented video and virtual reality applications are making it easier than ever for buyers to see and tour a home totally online. Zillow is even rolling out an app designed just for these high tech home tours. Buyers will start to shop for a new home totally online and will start making offers before they’ve even seen a house in person. This will make remote buying a lot easier and increase sales. If you haven’t been paying attention to the advances in augmented video and virtual reality you should start reading up on them because they will be coming to the forefront of home sales in 2018.

Building Relationships

Over the last few years, there has been a huge increase in the amount of personal connection that buyers expect with agents. Buyers want to feel like they can reach out to a real person 24/7 to get their questions answered and to find out about new listings. Using social media and other apps is the best way to make sure that your clients can always get ahold of you when they need you. And the more you are able to connect with potential clients online through social media the more likely you are to be the person that they choose when they want to buy or sell a home. So having a good social media presence is going to be more important than ever before for agents in 2018.

Using Technology

The huge upsurge in the number of Millennial home buyers means that agents who aren’t familiar with technology won’t do well this year. If you want to get a piece of the Millennial buyer pie you need to be comfortable texting, using social media, and producing video tours. You also will need to know the ins and out of smart homes and be familiar with the smart home features and design features that younger buyers want. So if you have been skating through with a minimal knowledge of social media and technology you need to take a crash course in both if you want to make this a strong sales season.

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