Building Trends in Edmonton

Posted by Gurpreet Ghatehora on Saturday, June 20th, 2015 at 10:05am.

For the most part, Edmonton is quite fond of gated communities, and as new construction goes up, it is maintaining that same trend. The biggest difference you’ll notice amongst new construction these days, is that building trends in Edmonton are taking on a whole new feel by utilizing more vertical space.

Vertical Space?

Yes, exactly. Home builders are building up rather than out these days. It’s becoming more common to see three-story homes, plus basements, as opposed to traditional two-story homes. Two story homes are still popular but you see them a lot more in areas where space isn’t an issue. These would include areas that have room for estate homes. Building trends in Edmonton right now are about making the most out of less space.

Howdy Neighbour!

Edmonton and surrounding areas are short on space, with many of them rubbing shoulders on a map, literally. Because of this, building trends in Edmonton have seen neighbouring homes inching closer and closer together. It’s not uncommon to have your neighbour only two feet away from you (give or take), with very little residual space for front and back yardage. You might see this as a negative feature, but in fact, many busy professionals don’t have the time to care for large lawns and so more condensed property lines are in demand.

All-in-all you will notice tall, thin houses in a lot of the newly constructed homes and neighbourhoods that are still under construction. Front lawns have been minimized and backyards are usually just large enough for a small dog, a single child or perhaps even just a barbecue. Granted, this isn’t the set-up for everyone, and there are still more traditional homes on larger parcels of land available, but when it comes to building trends in Edmonton, as of late, less is more.

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