Absolute Essentials for the Ultimate Man Cave or Femme Den

Posted by Gurpreet Ghatehora on Thursday, June 16th, 2016 at 9:58pm.

The Man Cave, or its lady equivalent the She Shed or Femme Den, are spaces that are yours. That means everything in them, from the decor to the furniture, should reflect who you are, what you want, and what the space is meant to represent. Here are the absolute essentials for your Man Cave or Femme den, and how to pick the right one for you.

1. The Entertainment

Man Caves and Femme dens are a bit of a paradox: a place that’s totally your own that’s also expected to be a place to host your guests. Most of these spaces are made for people who want to gather around a TV to watch something, so a great TV is an absolute must. Be sure to find a high quality TV with high definition, especially if it’s being used to watch sports. A big screen is often a must-have, but only if the space can fit one. TVs need the right environment to have the best picture and experience, so be sure to get one that fits the space rather than something too large and overbearing.

2. The Chair

Chairs and couches are a must-have in any Man Cave or Femme den, especially since most of them will be used to watch the TV. Man Caves and Femme dens can benefit from a comfort first rule. Look for the most comfortable seats possible, ones that you could sit in for hours at a time. A personal chair is often a mainstay of both of these kinds of spaces as well, so don’t be shy about getting a chair that looks and feels great to you personally.

3. The Bonus Activities

Some Man Caves and Femme dens are small, which means they can pretty much fit the TV and furniture. But some are much bigger, especially if you’ve decided to convert a garage or entire basement into one. If you have the space, consider filling it with extra things that people will want to do, whether that’s pool, darts, a workshop or craft area, or, if it’s supposed to be a more intimate space, a nice stereo and reading nook. Filling the space with activities will make your Man Cave or Femme Den more multi-functional.

As homes in the Edmonton area are getting larger, it means that we can have spaces that are our very own, rather than shared with others. They can be places of comfort, familiarity, and somewhere to hang out with friends. These Man Caves, or Femme dens, are excellent things for today’s independent home owners and, if done right, can be welcoming when needed and comforting the rest of the time. Be sure to plan ahead when building your own space to make it everything you want, and more.

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