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Very often homes will need to be staged on a tight budget. When you are trying to sell an older home that depends on the staging to attract buyers but the seller has a very tight budget and can’t pay huge staging fees how can you stage the home on a small budget? It can be done, and you might be amazed at what you can find for a very limited budget. Here are some budget-friendly staging tips and places to look for budget-friendly staging pieces when you need to stage a home on a tight budget:

Clean Always Looks Great

When you have a limited budget to spend and you have to decide what is important and what isn’t make sure that you allocate some of that staging budget to getting the house professionally cleaned. It doesn’t matter how nice the staging

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The way that people live at home is changing. And that is reflected in the ever-changing list of must-have spaces that buyers are looking for. A few years ago, the must-have was an attached kitchen and family room so that parents could keep an eye on kids while still cooking and doing other things. But now the must-have has shifted to bonus spaces. One of the top three things that buyers want these days is at least one bonus space in the home that isn’t just an extra bedroom.

With so many adults, especially stay at home parents, working at least part-time at home many home buyers insist on having a dedicated office space at home that isn’t just a spare bedroom. A home office or den is no longer optional for most home buyers, it’s something they have to

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