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During the holiday season sales can slow to a crawl which makes it difficult for agents to get through that slow period financially. A great way to leverage your skills into something that can generate income during off seasons or slow sales seasons is to write books, teach seminars, and use your knowledge and expertise to help Edmonton home buyers and sellers who are not quite ready to jump into the market yet learn more and get their finances ready for buying and selling. Just a few of the informational products that you can use to generate additional income are:


Ebooks are a fantastic product to sell as income generators or to use as an incentive for people to sign up for your newsletter through your website. A short Ebook with basic

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Sellers don’t have to break the bank on huge upgrades and remodels in order to impress buyers. Many buyers say that what ultimately makes them decide to make an offer on a home are the small upgrades and personalized touches that a home has. Cookie cutter homes are definitely out when it comes what buyers want. So sellers that want to give their home an edge when it comes to impressing buyers can get a big return from small extras and upgrades if they are strategic about the upgrades and extras that they pick. Remember to pick upgrades and extras that are timeless, because if you pick extras that are too trendy in just a few years they will be considered eyesores. No one wants a built-in kitchen desk anymore, for example. Here are four extras that are

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Winter home sales can be as tough as the holiday season approaches. Sellers are looking for quick sales and buyers want to get settled before the holiday entertaining season starts. One of the best ways to interest buyers in new homes around the holiday season is to highlight the entertaining possibilities of a new home.

Sellers who want to entice buyers into a quick sale should put some money and effort into making the house ready for holiday parties. Holiday decorations can do a lot to impress buyers and make them see the home as a great place to entertain their family and friends during the upcoming holidays. Staging the home with a large dining table that is set for a holiday dinner with nice china and holiday decorations is a fantastic and easy

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During the fall and winter holding open houses can be hazardous. Winter weather and bad storms during the autumn can be meant that you end up throwing an open house that no one attends. You can beat the unpredictable winter weather and make it so that buyers don’t have to brave snowy roads or bitter cold to come to look at homes by using virtual staging. Virtual staging is a fantastic tool to use to help buyers visualize living in a home without having them actually at the home. And you are saved the hassle of staging that home at the same time.

Virtual staging can be pricey, but it’s well worth the investment. When you turn to virtual staging a company that specializes in virtual design will take photos and videos of the home and stage it digitally

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One of the things that sellers are wondering often these days is if they should buy smart appliances for the home when they listing their Edmonton Home. Replacing the appliances is always a good investment because buyers are much more likely to consider buying a home that has brand new appliances included. But are expensive smart appliances like a smart refrigerator, oven, and smart washers and dryers worth the high cost to sellers?

Overwhelmingly experts say yes, that upgrading to smart appliances is worth the cost to sellers and that they will see a high return on that investment in the increased purchase price of the home. Smart appliances are very quickly becoming a must-have item for home buyers instead of just a novelty. The increased use of AI

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