3 Home Upgrades That Gen Z Buyers Want

Posted by Gurpreet Ghatehora on Sunday, March 1st, 2020 at 10:35am.

Gen Z buyers are going to be a big percentage of the home buyers that will be looking for homes in 2020. Gen Z is anyone born starting the mid to late 90s so they have grown up with more modern style homes that have amenities that a lot of older homes don’t have. They also have grown up with technology and really want to see their tech-based lifestyles reflected in their homes. If you have sellers that want their homes to appeal to Gen Z buyers these are the three home upgrades that are worth investing in:

Bonus Spaces

Whether it’s a finished basement, a converted garage, or even a multipurpose shed in the yard Gen Z buyers want options. They are used to doing a lot of different things at home and that requires a lot of different dedicated spaces. Having a bonus space where they can start a side hustle, or having large space where the kids can hang out, or room for a home craft center are all things that really appeal to Gen Z buyers. 

Living Room Kitchen Room Combinations

Gen Z buyers are a little more flexible about open concept space because they know that their budgets are small. If a seller can create a connected living room or family room and kitchen that’s good enough to fulfill their desire for open concept. Really what they want is a living space that’s connected to the kitchen since the kitchen is where everyone gathers and so that a parent can keep on eye on kids while they are doing other things. So if you’re representing a seller that doesn’t want to do a full scale renovation to create an open concept in an older home suggest that they just open up enough space to connect a living space and the kitchen and that will get the attention of Gen Z buyers that are on a tight budget.

Better Outdoor Space

Gen Z buyers have grown up in homes that incorporate a lot of outdoor living and entertaining space and that’s what they want in their homes too. An upgraded deck, a screened in porch, or an upgraded patio with a fire pit and great seating are all ways to impress Gen Z buyers without spending a fortune on upgrades to an older home. Older homes usually have the kind of green space that Gen Z buyers really want with old growth trees and plenty of greenery so make the most of that with some updated outdoor living features and the home will sell a lot faster. Outdoor kitchens or cooking spaces are also very on trend and popular with Gen Z buyers. 

Buying a first home can seem stressful and overwhelming. If you are aware of the above listed issues ahead of time, you can protect yourself from costly mistakes.


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