Investing in a kitchen upgrade is always a smart thing for a seller to do. Updated kitchens and bathrooms are still the most popular renovations because those are the updates that home buyers want, especially now that such a big percentage of home buyers are Millennials and Generation Z buyers. Here are some of the most popular kitchen upgrades that home buyers are looking for in 2019:

Colored Kitchens

The all white subway tile kitchen is definitely out according to the top home designers. Home buyers want kitchens that are warm and inviting instead of white and sterile. Colored cabinets are a major trend that home sellers can take advantage of to sell their homes. Painting cabinets is relatively easy and doesn’t cost a fortune but it will totally…

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Kernohan Edmonton Real Estate Statistics

Lowest price MLS listing in Kernohan Edmonton is $173,000 for 3 bedrooms and 1.5 bath Townhouse condo 175.46 sq feet and Highest Listing Price is $483,000 for a fully finished two story with 3  Bedrooms and 2.5  bathrooms, 1638 sq feet asking $294.82  per sq feet.  Average List price is $302,660.  Average Listing days in Kernohan is  53 days. The 2019 Year To Date Sold: 17    +30.76 %(YOY) .  Average Sold Price:   $285,750 +13.4% (MOM) ,April 2019: $252,00

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Home buyers have a long list of must-haves when they are searching for a property. Home sellers that want to attract serious buyers should put a little time and effort into making sure that their home has at least a few of the upgrades that today’s home buyers consider ‘must haves’ if they want the home to sell quickly. Even if homeowners aren’t prepared to invest in huge remodels there are things that they can upgrade in the home that will make the home a lot more appealing to 2019 homebuyers like:

Replace the Flooring

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Very few things are more unappealing to buyers than old carpet, especially if the carpet is pink, or green, or another retro color. One of the best investments that a home seller can make is ripping up old carpet and installing…

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 Homesteader Real Estate Statistics

Lowest price MLS listing in Homesteader Edmonton is $145,000 for 3 bedrooms and 1.5 bath condo 157 sq feet and Highest Listing Price is $459,980 for a fully finished two story with 4  Bedrooms and 3.5  bathrooms, 1468 sq feet asking $313 per sq feet.  Average List price is $293,099.  Average Listing days in Homesteader is  45 days. 

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Sellers don’t need to jump on the latest home trends in order to really wow potential buyers. There are lots of classic upgrades and fixes that homeowners can use to make their homes more attractive to buyers. Updating their homes in small ways can often be just as dramatic as removing walls and other huge remodels. Buyers like to see a potential home as a clean slate where they can add their own touches to a stylish and charming home. Here are a few ways that sellers can create the blank canvas that buyers want to see using timeless and classic upgrades and fixes:

Invest In New Siding

New siding can be an expensive investment for sellers but it’s something that will really wow potential buyers. Upgrading the siding to a modern material like carbon…

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Digital staging is quickly becoming a popular way to show listings. These days most home buyers spend at least some time looking at listings online before contacting an agent about homes they want to see. With digital staging and innovative use of technology buyers who are interested in a home can see that home perfectly staged online to decide if the house is the right one for them. This is great for agents and home sellers even though digital staging can be a little expensive. Here’s why digital staging is better for sellers and agents than just regular listings:

Digital Staging Saves Time and Money

edmonton real estate agentsThanks to digital staging there are no more wasted hours spent on open houses or showings that don’t lead to offers. People browsing through homes…

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Hollick Kenyon Edmonton Real Estate Statistics June 3 -2019

Lowest price MLS listing in Hollick Kenyon Edmonton is $150,000 for 2 bedrooms and 2 bath condo 893 sq feet and Highest Listing Price is $748,999 for a fully finished two story with 5 Bedrooms and 5 bathrooms, 3443 sq feet with triple attached garage asking $363 per sq feet.  Average List price is $331,688.  Average Listing days in Hollick Kenyon Edmonton is 57 days.


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As more and more home buyers turn to online listings, video tours, and other digital tools to buy homes many in the real estate industry are wondering if open houses are still a viable way to sell houses. There’s no hard and fast answer to that question, but there’s also no doubt that for many agents open houses aren’t worth the cost and the hassle.

Open Houses Are Expensive And Time Consuming

open houseThrowing an open house requires a lot of preparation and planning and also they can be quite expensive. Making sure that the time is in good shape to be viewed, buying food and drinks and decorations as well as having piles of brochures and other paperwork printed can cost quite a bit. Agents need to give up an entire day, and sometimes an entire weekend to be…

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