Buying a new house can be overwhelming for first time buyers. There are lot of decisions that need to be made when you’re trying to find the perfect home. Here is some advice for first time home buyers from real estate agents who have helped many first time buyers find their perfect homes:

Consider All The Options

MLS EdmontonSingle family homes are not the only types of homes that are available. Many people never even consider condos or townhouses but condos or townhouses can be a great option for first time home buyers. They usually have a lower price tag. They also don’t require as much maintenance as single family homes. In many urban areas condos and townhouses are more affordable for first time buyers. They also are usually newer and have lots of upgrades…

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If your real estate listings aren’t getting as much attention as they should it might be time to overhaul how you present your listings. Use these tips from other real estate agents to give your listings a makeover and create the kind of polished listings that attract buyers:

Use Great Photos

edmonton real estateGreat photos are what grabs the attention of buyers that are looking through online listings. Use a high quality camera when you’re taking photos. Don’t use filters or weird lenses or it will look like you are trying to hide something from potential buyers. Photos should be in natural light whenever possible. Also make sure that you are photographing the rooms from multiple angles so that buyers who are looking at them can get a sense of the floor…

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The prices of homes in many large cities is increasing rapidly every year. That means that many first-time home buyers are priced out of buying property in the city. Or if they can afford to buy a home in the city they can’t afford to buy a home that is large enough for a family. In some cities it’s almost impossible to find a home that will accommodate a growing family.
So instead they are looking to the suburbs for houses that they can afford. There’s no doubt that buying a home in the suburbs has a lot of benefits for first time buyers. If people can past the challenges of living in the suburbs they can find benefits like:

edmonton real estateNewer Homes

There is a huge construction boom going on in the suburbs around the country. New single family homes as well as…

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When conducting the sale of your home there are many parties involved in the process including mortgage brokers, home inspectors, real estate agents, and contractors of all sorts. Each of these parties will have their own benefits to bring to the table and throughout the real estate transaction process.

Throughout this process there is one aspect that some buyers and sellers alike seem to gloss over; selecting the ideal real estate lawyer that will represent them throughout the entirety of their real estate transaction. Neglecting this portion of the process puts sellers and buyers at a significant risk, attempting to DIY this process, is one way that people unwittingly put themselves at a lot of risk. Yes, there are times that someone may go through…

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There are quite a number of reasons that real estate agents will use a professional home staging service as a critical component in the marketing campaign of your home. There are a few critical reasons why this is the case, let’s review them before delving into them further:
Home staging will:
•    Make your home sell faster
•    Maximize your homes sale price
•    Make your listing stand out

Make Your Home Sell Faster

One of the biggest benefits home staging can provide is the expedient sale of your home. No one wants your home to be on the market and grow stale, and have a quick sale means you get to move on with your life and in most cases obtain the maximum value of your home. Real estate agents who utilize home staging as part of their home…

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The process people go through to sell their home can be both emotionally charged and very time consuming. It is something that many sellers, while some are prepared for this, many just aren’t quite expecting how much time and effort is involved in a home sale. Under the best circumstances, strangers will be coming into your home and checking out every nook and cranny, poking and prodding your personal space. Sellers will often hear harsh criticisms of their home, a space that means a lot more to them than just structure, and take it very personally.

Needless to say, it is common for first-time homeowners who simply aren’t prepared for this experience to become emotionally charged making the process not only more stressful than it needs to be, but in…

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While print ads and newspapers might have been the ideal way to effectively market your property in yesteryears these days everyone and their dog has moved their attention to the internet, and why not? You can access virtually any piece of information online so why not also showcase your home? There are quite a number of people who consider real estate video a non-essential component to the home sales process but they may be missing out.

Newspaper Ads Are Virtually Extinct

While many people still swear that newspaper advertisements are worthwhile, for those in the know they are the walking-dead of advertisement opportunities. The future is online marketing and there are many home buyers who have not even picked up a newspaper in years. Newspapers…

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