1. A Fresh Coat of Paint

Yellowing, cracked, peeling, or simply awful paint can actually make people run right out of your home, despite the fact that everything else may be nice. A new coat of paint in rooms that haven’t had it in a while will benefit from this simple makeover. Be sure to pick more neutral colours as bold choices can turn people off as well. But the right fresh paint job in the key rooms can actually increase your home’s value, and you can often do it inside of a single day.

2. Hardware

Door handles, light fixtures, faucets. All of these things can help tie a room together and make older appliances seem new again. If you can’t afford to fully replace something like a bathroom sink, a beautiful and crisp new faucet can do a…

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Buying a home, as many people know, can come with a large number of unexpected fees. Everything from legal fees to hidden taxes can make the purchasing of a home more than one may have imagined. But after all of that is paid, there’s still the cost of moving, and that in and of itself can have numerous unexpected costs. Here are just a few of the unexpected costs involved with moving, how much they can cost, how to avoid them, or how to make them work for you.

1. Mail

One of the least expected costs involved with moving is your mail. Canada Post offers a change of address program, where they will divert all mail incorrectly addressed to your new home, but it can cost a fair amount of money. The program is also limited, so it won’t work after a few…

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Being a landlord can be a rewarding experience, yet so many landlords actively work against doing a great job. Being a good landlord has many benefits, including more profitable investment properties and more stable tenants. Here are some simple ways in which you can create better relationships with your tenants and be a better landlord.

1. Respect Their Privacy

Landlords who treat their rental property like it’s still theirs are almost universally hated. People with nosy landlords are more likely to move out than confront anyone, meaning the landlord may not even know they’re being nosy. Be sure to make a clear line between being friendly and being professional. This means giving them as much notice as possible before coming over or coming into the…

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Young professionals often have the trifecta of being perfect renters: they’re quiet, employed, and clean. They’ve just started out in life and more more concerned with saving up, living life, and progressing in their career than anything else, so they make great tenants. But they’re also picky. Here’s some tips for making your investment property the ideal place for young professionals.

1. Commutes

Young professionals are less likely to drive and therefore need access to public transit. They often like to live close to their family and friends as well, so location is absolutely key when they’re looking for a place. Rental properties close to the bus and LRT routes are more ideal for the young professional, so the closer to a stop, the better. But…

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While all properties are hopefully investment properties to some extent, actual investment properties require a different approach when buying. Rather than finding something that meets your investment and living needs, investment properties are all about the return once you sell. For that, you need to look at properties differently. Here are some handy tips to help you find an investment property that will appreciate in value and be a wise investment.

1. Vacancies and Rent

Since you’ll probably be renting out the property for most of the time, you’ll want a place that’s in a high-demand area for renters. This means looking at places that have low vacancy rates but steadily rising rental prices. This can be discovered in a number of ways, including…

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Property managers help maintain your rental properties in a multitude of ways. If you’re on the hunt for a capable and multi-talented property manager, be sure to look for these qualities during the interview process. These can help you find a property manager that can handle everything.

1. They Understand People

A property manager does more than collect rent cheques, they should be helping you find your ideal demographics for your properties. So if you’re looking for the right property manager, be sure to ask them about certain demographics. They should know, for example, that younger people prefer new paint over old, and steel appliances over old, weathered avocado. So if you want to rent to younger people, your property manager should have some…

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While Calgary and Edmonton are in similar economic situations, and under the same rules and regulations, their real estate markets are very different from each other. These are the key points of difference between Calgary and Edmonton’s real estate markets, and what that means for you.

1. New Home Selection

It seems like Edmonton has more brand new homes still waiting to be bought over Calgary. While Edmonton has over 400, some of which are spec and show homes, Calgary has only 254 new homes that can possibly be purchased. So if you’re looking for a brand new home, Edmonton is a safer bet.

2. New Developments and Projects

Construction has slowed down in Edmonton and Calgary since the New Year. It’s unsurprising, but that doesn’t mean work has…

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A new rental building coming to Edmonton has decided on a rather unique building material for their project: shipping containers. The 18-unit building will be four storeys tall and be mostly made from the chosen material. The project comes from Honomobo, a home design company that has already sold 17 shipping container homes in Edmonton alone.

Shipping containers have become a craze for many people around the world. Their low cost and sound structure curiously makes them the ideal building material and many people around the world have started using them to make homes. For the Edmonton project’s designer, shipping containers simple make sense. “They’re readily available. They’re incredibly air and water tight and they’re structural and they’re just…

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Buying a home for the first time seems to involve a lot of steps and, truthfully, they can get quite confusing. If you’re buying a home for the first time, here is a handy step-by-step guide to help you navigate one of the most important and significant purchases of your life.

Step 1: Budget

The process of buying a home should start long before you look at listings or even mortgage options. It should start with your credit and budget. Carefully look at all your finances and revenue streams. Determine what you consider to be a reasonable monthly payment for your mortgage and then look at your debts. Start building good credit early in life by paying your bills on time and making smart financial decisions. This is also the time when you need to start…

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