A new new Canada Mortgage and Housing Corp. report is warning Edmontonians that housing starts in Alberta’s capital cold drop by a significant amount, according to the Edmonton Journal. The report, issued earlier this month, has pointed to slow “employment growth, reduced consumer confidence and the large number of resale houses on the market” as the primary causes for the expected drop.

The report uses past construction projects as an indicator as to what to expect in the future, pointing to how Edmonton fared in 2015 as an indication to what housing starts will look like now that construction season is fully underway. Looking at 2015 trends and the projected 2016 markets, the report argues that housing inventory will still be quite high, leading to…

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Bathroom renovations can rank as some of the most expensive renovations in an entire home. Between expensive appliances, new plumbing, and expansions, many people have come to see their bathrooms as money sinks rather than places you can easily spruce up. But there are, in fact, many different things you can do in your bathroom that won’t cost much money, but completely change it’s look. Here are some inexpensive bathroom renovation ideas to help you save money while giving your bathroom a whole new feel.

1. Get New Taps

Sink and bathtub taps are very quick to age since the mineral deposits can erode the finish. But they also happen to be something absolutely everyone should be hopefully using on a regular basis. And since they’re used quite…

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Many Edmontonians this year would be surprised to learn that summer hasn’t officially even started yet. In fact, it’s still almost a month away, but that doesn’t mean that it’s cold outside. Many people in Edmonton have already been enjoying the warm weather and, if you want to make the most of the warmer months, it’s best to have a patio that looks great and makes being outside fun and effortless. Here are just a few design ideas that can make your home’s patio space your new favorite place to be.

1. Light Things Up

Even though Edmonton gets lots of natural sunlight well into the late evenings during the height of summer, a good patio will need some form of lighting. The best lighting options in Edmonton will give people some decent lighting while…

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Vancouver and Edmonton could not be more different in terms of their housing markets. One continues to skyrocket, the other has enjoyed a brief break from prices climbing too high. One has made it all but impossible for even the upper middle class to find a quality home, the other has made the real estate market accessible to almost everyone. And one is on the verge of a complete economic disaster, while the other is setting itself up for future investment. And in the case of that last one, you may be surprised to discover that it’s Edmonton that may be in a better economic position instead of Vancouver.

Last week, a scathing report by the Greater Vancouver Board of Trade and the Conference Board of Canada has argued that Vancouver’s real estate market…

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Last year, a controversy arose in Edmonton. It wasn’t a controversy that was paid much attention, nor was it one that was uniquely Edmontonian. But it was a controversy that affected many people who put faith in the people listing condos, and one that saw discipline enacted on those who actively engaged in the controversy.

The controversy was about square footage. As one of the first attributes listed for a condo, it’s the first point that buyers will see. It’s also one that’s extremely difficult to actively confirm. After all, not many people show up to a home viewing with a measuring tape, pencil, and thorough knowledge of how square footage is measured.

In Edmonton, some people were using this inability to confirm square footage as a way to juice…

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For many people, buying a home seems like a step towards a certain, preordained lifestyle. It’s one with a family, kids even, and other things that a more traditional idea of where your life is heading encapsulates. But this isn’t actually the case. In fact, the number of single people buying homes, whether they’re completely detached private homes or condos, are only increasing. Some have even suggested one quarter of all home sales in Canada this year will be from single people. While buying homes and being single is increasing, that doesn’t mean the process is the exact same as couples or families. Here are some tips for buying a home while single.

1. Look at Your Finances

Student debt. Credit card debt. Car payments. All of these things are…

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The Man Cave, or its lady equivalent the She Shed or Femme Den, are spaces that are yours. That means everything in them, from the decor to the furniture, should reflect who you are, what you want, and what the space is meant to represent. Here are the absolute essentials for your Man Cave or Femme den, and how to pick the right one for you.

1. The Entertainment

Man Caves and Femme dens are a bit of a paradox: a place that’s totally your own that’s also expected to be a place to host your guests. Most of these spaces are made for people who want to gather around a TV to watch something, so a great TV is an absolute must. Be sure to find a high quality TV with high definition, especially if it’s being used to watch sports. A big screen is often a…

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Bachelor pads used to have a sort of negative connotation, one that they haven’t been able to effectively shake even as they become more popular. The idea of having everything in a single room can sound claustrophobic to some people, but a good looking bachelor pad can feel just as open and comfortable as any other space. Here are some decorating ideas to help you maximize the space in your bachelor pad, and turn it from a single room to a multi-functional and welcoming space.

1. Divider Wall

Bachelor pads are, by definition, singular spaces. They are the bedroom, kitchen, living room, all rolled into one. But that doesn’t have to be the case. In fact, you can often make your space much more livable with a simple divider wall, so long as your…

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Moving is difficult enough without going long distances, but that doesn’t account for thousands of people who move cities every single year. If you’re about to move across the province or country instead of across the street, here are some tips to make everything go a little smoother, and how to get settled in your new town more quickly.

1. Do Some Practical Research

Before you move to your new city, it’s best to get familiar with it on a very functional level. That means figuring out the best way to drive to your new home, the location of nearby grocery stores, and the major streets and services in the area. By getting familiar with the basics, your first few days will be spent getting to know your new town rather than driving around in…

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The Edmonton real estate figures are in and, as we have seen in many months already this year, the news is unexpectedly positive. In fact, the doom and gloom stigma that has been attached to Alberta’s housing markets, especially Edmonton’s own real estate market, is almost a falsehood at this point. It may not be as strong or out of control as the markets in Vancouver or Toronto, but perhaps these comparisons are where the problem lies: comparing a relatively slow market to a bloated one is actually a misnomer. Standing on its own, Edmonton is doing much, much better than anyone could have expected.

As the province still faces economic issues heading into the summer, housing prices have managed to remain almost entirely stable during most of 2016. In…

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