In less than a year, Northlands will become a little bit quieter. The building has been the Edmonton Oiler’s only home since the franchise entered the NHL and is the second oldest arena in the league, just behind Madison Square Garden. But next season, the Oilers will be moving to their new stadium, Rogers Place the heart of the new Ice District, which means the Northlands Coliseum will be undergoing some changes. The changes could mean that Edmonton’s northern communities could be getting more ice, and Edmonton could become a hot spot for international winter competition.

Earlier this month, Coun. Michael Oshry told the press that city council had seen plans to split the Coliseum into two levels, more than doubling the amount of ice space available in…

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So you’ve bought your first home. You’ve probably discovered that there’s more to owning your new home than simply paying the mortgage every month. In fact, you’ve probably noticed there are a bunch of things you need to do to keep your home running. Keeping the to-do list, however, is easy compared to the don’t list, especially since many people won’t tell you what not to do. Here are some things you should never do as a home owner, and why they can lead to bad consequences.

1. Don’t Go Spending Money on Renovations and Decorating

You may not love the furniture you have, and it may not fit your vision of your home’s look, but it’s at least free. New furniture, especially nice furniture, is not cheap. It’s an investment and one that may have to wait…

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Buying your first home isn’t simply a big moment, it’s also the start of a new financial reality. Where renting required a steady amount of money every month, owning your new home comes with quite a few new costs and expenditures. If you’ve just bought your first home, or are looking for ways to pinch pennies, here are some things you can do to save money as a home owner.

1. Automate Your Thermostat

Setting your home thermostat to be warm when you’re home and awake and cooler when you’re away or asleep is one of the easiest ways to save money on your monthly bills. Even just a few hours per day can end up saving you a surprising amount of money. The easiest way to set up an energy-conscious thermostat is to get an automated and programmable…

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Yards and gardens are often the first things people see when they head to a home. As a result, they can end up attracting potential buyers or send them packing. If your home has a yard and garden, here are some things you may be doing that are turning people off your home before they even see the inside. If you avoid these all-too-common mistakes, you could be on your way to more potential buyers and a better overall sale.

1. The Yard is Unkempt

A dirty lawn, yard, or garden never bodes well for the home inside. Besides being unsightly, homes with poorly-maintained yards often have maintenance problems inside. The correlation may just be in people’s minds, but it does give any potential buyer less confidence in your home being well-maintained and…

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