Making the decision on how your child will best be educated is a difficult and complex choice, and one that may not always have an obvious answer. Here are some pros and cons with public and private schools to help you make a decision that’s right for you, your child, and your family.

Private School Pros

Specialized programs: Many of Edmonton’s best private schools have specialized and focused curriculum that are meant for particular students. These programs can be focused on athletics, academic achievement, performing arts and music, or almost anything else that your kids may love. Be sure to pick a school that will help your child build off their strengths and let them explore other options as well.

Assistance for Special Needs: Private schools…

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When it comes to private schools in Edmonton, Alberta’s capital and the surrounding region have many of different options from which to choose. Apart from the major institutions, there are specialized campuses that may be the perfect fit for your child’s upbringing, future success, and personal development. But if you’re looking at putting your child into private school, be sure you’ve done the research first. Here are just a few tips on looking for private schools in Edmonton that fit your child’s needs.

1. Start with Your Kid

One of the best things any parent can do for their child when it comes to picking a school is considering their kid first. After all, some schools are geared towards certain programs, like music, athletics, or the performing…

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One of the more curious results of Alberta’s slowing economy is an increase in interest for property from foreign investors. Overseas investors, and many coming up from south of the border, have been coming to Canada, especially Alberta, in search of vacation property, real estate investment, and it could have a positive impact on the housing market and property values overall.

One of the major reasons for foreign investment right now comes from Canada’s low dollar. People from the United States and the United Kingdom have been travelling to Alberta for years,  taking advantage of our world-class ski resorts and low sales tax, and are now eager to make a second home of the Wild Rose province. With a weak dollar, they are getting more bang for their…

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If you drive around downtown Edmonton right now, there is one thing that everyone can see: the new Ice District. The area is being heralded as a brand new chance for Edmonton’s North Downtown area, a chance for revitalization and an opportunity for people to help downtown become more than a place for the nine-to-five workers.

The Ice District is the result of quite a few different things to happen in Edmonton’s downtown and urban planning over the past few years, and it could bring something the city has desperately needed for some time now: effective, medium-to-high density areas that can help contain the city’s urban sprawl.

Many people are unaware of the restrictions that the downtown airport put on the city, but there was a height restriction on…

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Current Market Analysis Feb 24- 2016

Status Area No. of Listings Dollar Volume Average Price Median Price
Active Listings   202 $85,035,484 $420,968 $379,900
Active Condo Listings          
  Cold Lake 1 $219,900 $219,900 $219,900
  Edmonton 36 $9,413,164 $261,477 $229,000
  St. Albert 1 $219,900 $219,900 $219,900
  Strathcona 1 $166,000 $166,000 $166,000
  Subtotal 39 $10,018,964 $256,897 $228,000
 Active Single Family          
  Beaver 1 $269,777 $269,777 $269,777
  Brazeau 3 $639,800

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A recent study has shown some surprising numbers for those who thought Edmonton’s real estate market was declining. According to a House Price Survey and Market Survey Forecast released on January 13 by the real estate company, prices were actually up a modest amount year-to-year, indicating that the market is not declining at the rate expected, but it managing to stay afloat despite talks otherwise by detractors, both in Edmonton and around the country.

The surveys showed a solid yet modest increase of 1.6 per cent year-over-year, putting recent average housing prices at $380,502. This is especially important coming in the fourth quarter, a period of time that is usually very slow and prone to feeling the compounded effects of a slowing economy,…

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Edmonton real estate, it seems, is heading into another year of being a buyer’s market. The downturn in the economy has made the housing market slow down, which is leading to the conditions that are perfect for people looking to buy. But just because we’re in a buyer’s market doesn’t mean that sellers are getting the short end of the stick. In fact, there are plenty of advantages to selling in a buyer’s market. Here are just a few that could make you rethink staying in your current home.

1. Upgrade for Less

Being in a seller’s market may mean that you’re selling your home for less, but that also means higher-priced homes are selling for even less still. Think about it: if housing prices are down 10%, just as an example, a $500,000 will sell for…

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Many news sites are reporting that Edmonton is projected to be a “Buyer’s market” for much of, if not all, of 2016, yet many people are unclear as the what the differences are between a “buyer’s market” and a “seller’s market.” Today, we thought it would be good to clarify what these terms mean, what they refer to in the market, and their pros and cons.

To start, let’s look at what a buyer’s market is compared to a seller’s market. A buyer’s market, simply put, is a market where there are more people selling homes than people buying. In that sense, the buyers have more options and the sellers have to compete more intensely for sales. The buyer, after all, has a larger selection of properties to choose from, less chances of being outbid by someone else,…

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Edmonton & Area Current Market Analysis Feb 17 - 2016

Status Area No. of Listings Dollar Volume Average Price Median Price
Active Listings   265 $110,509,951 $417,019 $369,900
Active Condo Listings          
  Edmonton 58 $14,833,918 $255,757 $242,344
  Leduc 2 $486,900 $243,450 $243,450
  Leduc County 1 $299,900 $299,900 $299,900
  Parkland 3 $701,800 $233,933 $239,900
  St. Albert 2 $554,800 $277,400 $277,400
  Strathcona 2 $528,900 $264,450 $264,450
  Sturgeon 1 $269,900 $269,900 $269,900
  Subtotal 69 $17,676,118

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While Edmonton itself may be on the verge of some modest growth and even some flattening out in housing prices, it doesn’t mean the entire city has been experiencing negative growth. In fact, there are more than a few local Edmonton areas that have seen serious growth in terms of housing price assessments over the past year. The reasons for such growth are, according to local officials, in line with current housing prices. With higher assessments, taxes will increase, but it could be a sign for rising prices in the future, especially as the city remains in a better situation over much of the rest of the province.

Edmonton housing assessments in some areas have pegged the local housing as actually growing in price, which may not be good for future…

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