Edmonton’s economy has been making national and international headlines lately, and not in the ways the city saw during its most booming years. But while many focus on the negative aspects of the oil market meltdown, as some are calling it, there are many people looking to the future with a smile.

A recent Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) housing conference at the Northlands Expo Centre looked at the long-term projections for the Edmonton markets. Experts took into account both single-family home construction and the multi-family projects still under development for their economic evaluations. All in all, the projections were optimistic moving forward, with recovery expected to begin as soon as 2017.

Part of the expected recovery…

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 Sold Listings Statistics Dec 28 - 2015

     Total  Listings Dollar Volume Avg. Price Median Price Avg. DOM
                  NOT USED     4     $1,112,057     $278,014     $294,028     49
    Analysis By Area
                  Edmonton     3     $872,057     $290,686     $348,057     48
                  Sturgeon     1     $240,000     $240,000     $240,000     50
                  Totals     4     $1,112,057     $278,014     $294,028     49
                  NOT USED     1     $115,000     $115,000     $115,000     685
    Analysis By Area

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Edmonton’s top economist says that Edmonton’s Ice District, a hot bed of planning, construction, and development, is happening, in part, because of the recent oil market meltdown, and not in spite of it. The district, long the target of real estate investment and home to numerous projects that will define the city’s skyline, has left many residents wondering how the project is continuing. After all, falling oil prices have had a mostly negative impact on the entire province, cutting jobs, lowering housing prices, and more. But according to John Rose, Edmonton’s chief economist, it’s the perfect time to build.

“This is exactly the right time for this kind of development,” Rose told the Globe & Mail in a recent interview, “Because with the slower oil…

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When it comes to history in Edmonton, the fight can sometimes feel like an uphill battle. The city has lost quite a few properties that many people, including the government, consider historic or important. Indeed, the Roxy Theatre’s fire, which gutted the building that was originally built in 1938, was felt by many outside the theatre community. And in the midst of the 124th St. revival, the fire was acutely felt by people who felt their neighbourhood was regaining some of its former glory.

It seems another such building is currently on the chopping block, this time intentionally rather than accidentally, and it has many people worried about the role of history in a city that continually looks forward. And indeed, the argument between personal rights,…

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With a 20% housing correction looming, many economists and experts are worried about how it will affect young homeowners. A recent report has suggested that 10 percent of people in their thirties and younger could end up owing more than they owe, which could place many of them in financial jeopardy.

Unlike older home owners, who’ve had time to diversify their portfolio, many young homeowners have but one big investment, and it cost a lot of money and is depreciating quickly. With the falling dollar, foreign investment is becoming more likely, and these situations could lead to a massive housing correction.

While most of the research is directed at Toronto and Vancouver, Canada’s most notorious housing markets, houses across the nation are currently…

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Sold Listings Statistics Dec 23 - 2015

      Total Listings Dollar Volume Avg.Price Median Price Avg DOM
                  NOT USED     21     $7,558,200     $359,914     $340,000     51
    Analysis By Area
                  Bonnyville     1     $200,000     $200,000     $200,000     71
                  Edmonton     13     $5,099,700     $392,285     $373,000     43
                  Fort Saskatchewan     3     $955,500     $318,500     $298,000     75
                  Spruce Grove     2     $647,000     $323,500     $323,500     65

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Sold Listings Statistics Dec 22 - 2015

     Total Listings Dollar Volume Avg. Price Median Price Avg. DOM
                  NOT USED     24     $9,164,350     $381,848     $345,150     54
    Analysis By Area
                  Cold Lake     1     $294,250     $294,250     $294,250     49
                  Edmonton     15     $6,079,600     $405,307     $371,000     51
                  Fort Saskatch.     2     $729,000     $364,500     $364,500     29
                  Leduc     1     $353,000     $353,000     $353,000     102
                  Parkland     1

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The floors have been cleaned, the clutter’s been moved off-site. Everything is sparkling and ready to go. It’s the first day of your open house. You may be nervous or excited, but your realtor is nothing short of ecstatic. It’s because open houses are a great thing for realtors, and by extension your home sale. Here are just a few reasons why realtors love open houses, and why that’s a good thing for you.

1. It Shows off Your Hard Work

Getting your home ready for an open house, believe it or not, is a culmination of hard work that stretches back much further than the moment you decided to sell. All of the upgrades, renovations, tweaks, and little changes you’ve made to the home, whether it was an entirely new bathroom or simply a new coat of paint,…

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When it comes to neighbourhoods, people often rarely think about anything past location. And while it’s true that location, location, location is an important aspect of any real estate purchase, there’s more to a neighbourhood than its position on Google Maps. When you’re looking to move, here are a few things to keep in mind that could help your home keep its value, and make your newest, and biggest purchase, even better.

1. Access

Urban sprawl is a problem in Edmonton that is simultaneously getting better and worse, which means commute times are sure to become a hotter topic in the coming years. Homes far away in the suburbs could see themselves competing with properties closer to the downtown core as people simply don’t want to face a long…

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Sold Listings Statistics Dec 17 - 2015

      Total Listings Dollar Volume Avg. Price Median Price Avg DOM
                  NOT USED     6     $2,445,750     $407,625     $367,500     58
    Analysis By Area
                  Edmonton     5     $2,120,750     $424,150     $410,000     64
                  Fort Saskatchewan     1     $325,000     $325,000     $325,000     27
                  Totals     6     $2,445,750     $407,625     $367,500     58
                  NOT USED     1     $100,000     $100,000     $100,000     19

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