Current Market Analysis

Status Class Type Area Total Listings Dollar Volume Avg. Price Median Price
Active Listings       34 $12,545,600 $368,988 $381,400
      Brazeau 1 $219,000 $219,000 $219,000
      Edmonton 11 $2,707,600 $246,145 $224,900
      St. Albert 1 $249,900 $249,900 $249,900
      Subtotal 13 $3,176,500 $244,346 $224,900
    Single Family          

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When people go looking for a home, they often don’t realize how they’re actually looking for a neighbourhood, a community. They’re looking for a place they can call their own that’s also part of something bigger than a single property. And while many home owners look at neighbourhoods in terms of cost alone, there are quite a few things to consider when looking at your next neighbourhood. Here’s a few tips for finding that perfect community for you and your family.

Step 1: Sketch Out a Neighbourhood Profile

If you don’t know what you want and need, it’s impossible to find what you’re looking for. This is just as true for finding a neighbourhood as it is for almost everything else in your life, so it pays to invest in some time in thinking about…

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When it comes to condos, many people are looking to what they’re condo fees get them exactly. Sometimes it feels a little too abstract, like rainy day funds and heating bills for the lobby (which some buildings in Edmonton have dodged by making courtyards). But a new building in Edmonton is being pretty up front with what they’re condo fees are in part paying for.

The Legends Private Residences is still being built at the corner of 104th Avenue and 102nd Street, above a previously announced high-end hotel, but developers are promising the residents the hotel perks will apply to them too, minus questionable cleaning practices.

The perks start with access first. Residents can expect climate-controlled pedways from the building to the Wintergarden,…

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Sold Listings Statistics Nov 27-2015

    Sold Market  No. of Listings Dollar Volume    Avg. Price Median Price   Avg. DOM
                  NOT USED     86     $30,384,075     $353,303     $351,900     59
    Analysis By Area
                  Bonnyville     1     $418,000     $418,000     $418,000     191
                  Edmonton     64     $22,069,549     $344,837     $346,250     60
                  Flagstaff     1     $172,000     $172,000     $172,000     22
                  Fort Saskatch     2     $845,000     $422,500     $422,500     121
                  Leduc    …

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    Sold Listings Statistics Nov 25-2015

     Total Listings     Dollar Volume     Avg Price  Median Price     Avg DOM
                  NOT USED     36     $15,281,146     $424,476     $374,950     74
    Analysis By Area
                  Cold Lake     1     $471,000     $471,000     $471,000     257
                  Edmonton     22     $10,158,400     $461,745     $407,250     63
                 Fort Saskatch.     1     $365,000     $365,000     $365,000     42
                  Leduc County     1     $555,000     $555,000     $555,000     209

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Hidden fees. Most of us think those apply mostly to the telecommunications industry, turning our $35 monthly plans into much higher without us ever being told. But it turns out there are plenty of places where you can get hit with hidden fees, and buying a house is one of them. These are some of the common hidden costs that are associated with buying a house. Be sure to include these in your overall budget to avoid any surprises when finally decide on your future property.

1. Home Inspection Fees

A home inspection is not only absolutely mandatory, it’s something you want to have done. A house inspectioncan reveal many hidden details about a 

prospective buy, from plumbing issues to potential foundation problems. Think of this fee as a hidden fee…

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Here’s some reasons it’s good for Edmonton during this recession.

Depending on who you talk to, Edmonton’s stadium district is either here right when it’s needed or couldn’t come at a worse time. The revitalization project is coming as Alberta’s economy continues to shrink, but the excitement and investment into the area has boosted the overall stats of commercial real estate in the city, leaving the city with some positive notes as other cities in the West continue to spiral downward.

In particular, Edmonton’s land sales, down thirty percent year-to-year, are a classic sign of a slowing economy. But even with these big problems, Edmonton’s Ice District is giving the downtown core some stats we can celebrate. Coun. Mike Nickel, in speaking with the…

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Escaping the city is the goal of many people, but buying property in rural areas is much different than urban homes and condos. With so many different things to consider, it’s recommended that you make a detailed initial assessment of any properties you like. The assessment should include projected costs that you may need to pay once you buy. Here are three such costs to which you should pay special attention.

1. Electricity

As a rule of thumb, rural properties are a little bit behind their urban counterparts, which means the electrical system may not be up to your usual expectations. Always have the electrical system assessed before buying, and pay close attention to how many plugs are in each room. Taking a closer look at the electrical panel…

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As Edmonton’s new downtown comes into focus, many people have noticed a singular trend: the buildings are getting taller. The once squat city, thanks to height restrictions imposed by the now-decommissioned downtown airport, will soon be home to the tallest buildings west of Toronto, but that doesn’t make everyone happy.

In fact, there are more than a few people who are less than impressed with City Hall’s decisions to approve new, higher buildings, ones who’ve had big plans for renewable energy sources including solar power. Getting energy from the sun, after all, is much easier if the sun can actually hit the solar panels.

Edmonton architect Gene Dub recently gave city hall an earful when his plans for solar power were cast aside with the approval…

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If you’ve ever dreamed of living in a million dollar home, now might be one of the prime times to look into doing so. The Edmonton housing market, according to The Edmonton Sun, has seen a sharp increase in homes at or above the million dollar mark. As it stands,, there are roughly 250 homes over the $1 million price point in the market, and 30 of those are at $2 million. For the very high rollers, the highest priced house in the Edmonton area currently sits at $6 million.

Unfortunately, the reasons behind such an explosion of high-priced houses in the province’s capital are becoming all too familiar. Low oil prices, coupled with an unstable job market and weakening national economy has all led to people with houses that they can’t afford. The only…

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