Depending on where you live, certain styles of homes may be called different things, like a duplex versus a semi-detached, but the home architecture style is a very important buying factor for many. It’s also easy to get some American housing styles confused with the Canadian terminology. Americans often refer to bungalows as ranch-style homes, but Canada and the United States do have some terms in common.

Victorian Style Homes

Victorian homes are actually a stylized housing that evolved during the reign of Queen Victoria, from 1830 to 1910. These homes are known for the excess and tend to be imposing, featuring 2-3 stories. While most have stone exteriors, some were wooden. Decorative trim on the exterior is another common feature, and one of the…

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When selling your home, the outside of your home is just as important to potential buyers as the inside. By dressing up the outside of your home, you get the chance to make a strong first impression by offering buyers a “total package” home.


Your lawn is important and its an easy project to complete before selling your home. By weeding and fertilizing your lawn, you can give your home a relatively inexpensive face lift. Landscaping also refers to your gardens. If you have gardens that are overgrown or completely unused, consider transplanting some low maintenance bushes or adding some pre-grown potted flowers. Although this will take a bit of elbow grease and cost a bit more money, it will make your home look pulled together and lush. A…

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As if buying or selling a home isn’t stressful enough, sometime things can get beyond your control and cause a sale to fall through. Here are a few instances where things may go wrong with your real estate deal.


Many buyers place conditions on their offer to purchase real estate. These conditions often include financing, closing date and home inspection results. Placing conditions on an offer is normal, but they are essentially caveats that allow for a buyer to back out of a deal. If they can’t get financing, don’t like the results of the home inspection, or can’t get the closing date they want, the offer will likely fall through.

Experienced buyers vs. new home buyers

The trouble with an experienced buyer is that they often have to…

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Minchau - Edmonton Real Estate Statistics

Total Number of Active Listings: 7
Total Condo Listings: 5
Single Family Homes: 2
Number Of Condos Sold:0
Number of Single Family Homes Sold:1

Average home price for Active listings in Minchau  is $246,400 and Highest price for Active listings in Minchau  is $320,000. Average Sold price in Minchau within 30 days was $319900 and highest selling price was $319,900. Watch Video :

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Where to begin

Once all the stress of making offers, negotiating and closing on your new home is over, you have to worry about moving and everything that comes with it. How do you organize for a move? The first thing you should do is call a bunch of different moving companies to get quotes. Quotes will be based on how far you are moving, the size of your current home and the style of the home you are moving to (if its an apartment, is there an elevator or lots of stairs? ). With this information the movers will be able to determine how long the move will take, the size of the truck needed and how many people it will take to move you.

Next step

Once you have secured a moving company to get you to your new home, you’ll want to begin packing. You…

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There are many things you could do to prep your home for sale, and one of the most popular steps is renovations. Renovations can be time consuming and costly, and can actually delay you getting your home on the market. They require a lot of planning, and not everyone has the time or resources to go this route. In these cases staging your home is a great plan.

Prepping to stage

Staging your home works like the model home concept. You want your home to basically look like no one lives there, but its set up as if someone could just move right in. In order to get ready to stage your home, you need to clean it thoroughly, from top to bottom, and then clear out any unnecessary furniture items and clutter. Once this is complete you need to build a home…

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