Marketing your home doesn’t have to be difficult. In fact, it can be really easy, if you do your due diligence. You have several options when it comes to marketing your home – the first of which should always be through a licensed realtor.

Other Options

While a realtor should be your first choice, some people choose to tackle the home marketing scene all on their own. If that’s you, then your first course of action for marketing your home should be to whip your home into pristine condition and take some stellar photos. Pictures are essential to any online marketing scheme you may decide to tackle – or even if you go through print media, like a newspaper. Flattering photos are key.There are many online channels you can pursue, a particularly…

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There are so many new homes being built in Edmonton, and a lot of people are on the fence about whether or not they like the new style of Edmonton homes. The consensus is split down the centre – some people like the new style, and some people still envision an acre of yardage and neighbours only at a shouting distance.

The modern single family home

You may have noticed a trend over the last couple of decades where new single family homes are concerned – closer neighbours and smaller yards. This is the same trend you’ll see with Edmonton homes, but it’s not surprising that many people are seeking these features. With busier lives, people are looking for homes that are easier to maintain, this means smaller yards, convenient appliances…

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Kiniski Gardens - Edmonton Real Estate Statistics

Total Number of Active Listings:10
Total Condo Listings: 1
Single Family Homes: 9
Number Of Condos Sold:0
Number of Single Family Homes Sold:6

Average home price for Active listings in Kiniski Gardens  is $373,369 and Highest price for Active listings in Kiniski Gardens  is $679,900. Average Sold price in Kiniski Gardens within 30 days was $356,650 and highest selling price was $498,000.

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What are the bestselling homes in Canada? 

You might think that condos would be the best sellers in Canada, due to a large increase in the amount being built, particularly in Edmonton, but the truth is that the 2-story family home is still the benchmark everyone is trying to obtain.

2-story home sales saw the biggest year-over- year increase in value, making them the bestselling home types in the country. Close behind were townhomes/row houses and bungalows, followed by condos, which did see an increase of 3.5% in price.

Interestingly, October was a busier than normal selling month. In years past, October represented a time of selling decline as the cooler weather approaches across the country. Analysts attribute this to the unusually…

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An open house is a set day where anyone can walk into your home and have a look at it, with or without a real estate agent. Setting up home viewing appointments for homes you are interested in buying can be a pain, depending on your schedule. At the same time, for those selling a home, it can be difficult having to vacate your home multiple times a week so that potential buyers can have a walk through with their agent. By setting up an open house, you can potentially get a lot of foot traffic through the home you are selling, without the formal home showings. This also provides an opportunity for buyers who have yet to select a realtor to represent them.

The downside

There is no guarantee that anyone will show up for your open house,…

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Lots of people claim that living in western Canada is very expensive, but its all commensurate with earnings. The real challenge is faced by first time home buyers because the average single family homes begin in the $350,000 - $450 000 price range in Edmonton, but housing prices in Calgary are significantly higher. This makes it really tough for first time buyers to get into the market, its borderline unaffordable for anyone.


Edmonton’s housing prices are roughly on par with other major metropolitan areas in Canada, but Edmonton is widely considered to be far more affordable because most people receive a significantly higher wage in Edmonton than they do in other cities, such as Toronto. Edmonton is also in the midst of a housing…

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The Low season

Canada has four distinct seasons, with certain parts of the country experiencing either shorter seasons or milder ones than the rest of the country. In Edmonton the low season for house hunting and home sales is the winter. Winter in Edmonton can be brutally cold and not at all conducive to activities like moving. Unfortunately, winter constitutes a large amount of time in Alberta, making the prime selling and buying season quite short.

Keeping this is mind, you can still find some great properties during the low season, and on the bright side you may actually find that there is far less competition in the market at this time. House hunting in the winter may not be ideal, but if you want to take your time searching and not…

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Million Dollar Market

According to statistics, million dollar home purchases are becoming the norm here in Edmonton. So far in 2014, 125 Edmonton homes sold for a million dollars or more. What’s this mean in the long term? A few things. The first is that Edmontonians are confident about the strength of the Edmonton real estate market. Secondly, those who invest this kind of money into a residence are usually long-term investors. This means that more big-money is settling down in Edmonton for the long run, which is always good for the economy.

In October 2014 alone, 2 percent of the homes sold were worth a million dollars or more – this is a massive jump from the same time last year. While the most popular price-range for Edmonton real…

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Is it a good time to buy?

This is a tricky question. There are two problems with the commercial real estate market at the moment: 1. despite our great economy, the rest of the world isn’t as great which means lower interest rates etc. 2. Our great economy is fuelling a building boom. This means new commercial real estate. Why is this a problem? Why buy old when you can buy new.

Many believe that older, less expensive commercial real estate properties will always have a buyer – and businesses willing to take up the space, but is that true? Older buildings often need work, which is more money being dumped in, on top of the purchase price. Businesses that lease these spaces might pay more in utilities if the structure isn’t sound, and may have…

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Modern Pitfalls

Real estate investing is a lucrative business, but in today’s post economic-crisis world, that many Canadians are enjoying, many wonder when the next fall or total collapse will occur. For all of those who could afford to take advantage of the crisis when it peaked in 2008, they were able to snatch up relatively cheap properties – between foreclosures, short sales and those trying to sell before it was too late. But many may wonder if, or when, the other shoe will drop. When will the next crisis hit? What will trigger it?

This is a topic fraught with speculation, but there still seems to be a healthy buying and selling market in Canada – and several very strong markets at that. Real estate investing is often considered an art of the…

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