There is a lot of information available at our fingertips. In an era of technology, mobile technology and ever evolving tech capabilities, the information highway is more easily accessible than ever before – but is the information legitimate? Anybody can start up a website these days and fill it with whatever information they see fit. When it comes to searching for legitimate real estate websites, legal websites and medical websites, you’ll want to keep your eyes open for a few different things.

Does it look professional?

Any website worth its salt will be spell checked. Even on professional sites, you may find a random error or two – but if there are spelling and grammar errors riddled throughout, don’t trust it or the information on it. Getting…

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Homes For Sale EdmontonDepending on where you hail from originally, housing prices in Alberta can seem astronomical. Although housing prices in eastern Canada are far more reasonable, its all relative. When you live and work in Alberta, you typically make more per hour, or per year, than in places such as eastern Canada. Due to this, housing prices are higher.

It’s a little thing called ‘cost of living,’ and your cost of living, no matter where you live, is generally indicative of the job market. If there are lots of jobs and the jobs typically pay very well then the cost of goods, including housing, usually reflect that (ie. Things are more expensive.) If on the other hand, jobs are hard to come by and the ones that exist don’t pay very well, the cost of goods and housing…

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Fixer Upper Homes For SaleNot everyone is interested in purchasing a turn-key property, that is, a brand new home that requires no work. For many, home buying is about finding a house that speaks to you and provides the potential for profit through home improvement.
In order to achieve this, you often need to purchase an older home that needs some major work, or some simple updating. Older homes have a certain type of charm to them, from architectural details on the outside to the amenities of the interior – they simply have more character and personality that what you see in modern homes. If you can capitalize on the character of the home without losing it in the renovation process, there is a good chance you will make an impressive profit on resale. Finding the right home is…

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Anyone will tell you that if you want to get your hands on valuable real estate, you need to get into the Edmonton real estate market. Edmonton has been a seller’s market for some time now, and who do you think is benefiting the most? You may be surprised to learn that the largest benefactors in this market are in fact, condo owners.

Condo values have increased 7.8% year over year, as of 2014. Two story homes have seen an increase of 3.8% as well, so in reality it is win-win for homeowners city-wide, but the staggering increase in condo value is seeing many people laugh all the way to the bank. Why exactly are condos so valuable in the Edmonton real estate market? It all boils down to a supply and demand issue in the city. Condos are more readily…

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Choosing Smart Projects

When getting ready to sell your home, there are a few small and some large projects you may want to tackle to help increase either your home’s value, or its desirability amongst potential buyers.

The Quick Fixes

A fresh paint job can go a long way. Choosing neutral colors is the best way to appeal to the widest assortment of buyers, while showcasing your home’s potential. Flooring is another quick change you can make to bring your home up to date and add some style. Although new flooring may cost you initially, it can be made up for with a quick sale. Addressing the décor of your home is another important thing to consider. Ensuring you have proper window treatments up, no unnecessary clutter laying around, and that the…

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Some people are great with their money, it comes naturally to them, while others require discipline and perseverance just to save a little bit. Between student loans, car loans, and paying rent, it can be very difficult to stuff a little away each month – let’s not even get started on credit card debt. But if you do have these sorts of debts and payments, like most do, there is a method you can try that will help you save enough money to buy your first home.
The Snowball Method
This popular method of debt management and saving, begins with two very important principals. Firstly, you need to write down all your debts, from largest to smallest, along with the monthly payment you make on it. Secondly, you need to save $1000 in separate account for emergencies.…

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Thinking of buying a condo?
Condominiums are great places to call home, for the right person. Condos eliminate all the maintenance that comes with owning a home through the payment of condo fees. Rather than having to worry about mowing a lawn, shoveling snow or getting trash out to the curb, you simply get to go about your day and let someone else take care of it. On top of this, condos for salw are often in very convenient locations, and available at a much lower price than single-family homes.
Is there a downside?
That depends on your definition. Most condos are run by management companies and governed by Condo Boards. These boards enforce a list of bylaws that dictate everything from what you can and can’t have on your balcony, to whether or not you can…

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