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Selling homes to millennials can be tricky outside of major urban areas. More and more millennials are looking to buy their first homes because the rental rates are rising so quickly. But millennials are notoriously picky when it comes to buying property. They know what they want and they can afford to wait if they can’t find exactly what they are looking for. Millennials may not be interested in the older homes that are on the market because they expect new finishing’s and homes that are equipped for modern technology based living. Here are the 4 things that Millennials are really looking for in a home:

Open Concept Floorplan

MLS EdmontonThe days when people wanted a home to have many small closed off rooms are over. These days it’s all about the open concept

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Photos are the most important part of a real estate listing. That should be common knowledge, but too many agents don’t bother to put photos in their listings. Listings that don’t have enough photos, or that have poor photos, are not going to attract potential buyers. There is no reason not to take the extra time to put in a few high quality photos of a home that you want to sell. Many people don’t even read the description of the house unless there are photos that get their attention first.

Putting poor quality photos in a listing is almost as bad as not putting in any photos at all. There’s just no excuse not to have great photos of a house that you’re trying to sell. Even smart phone cameras can take great pictures if you use a few tips and tricks

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The most recent estimates are that 1 in 3 homebuyers are Millennials. That number is only going to increase over the next few years. But what Millennials are looking for in homes is totally different than what their parents looked for when they were buying homes 20 or 30 years ago. Selling homes to Millennials requires a new approach. If you don’t get it right when you’re trying to sell to a Millennial you won’t get the sale. Millennials are a lot smarter consumers than the Boomers were when they were buying homes. The know how to comparison shop and use the Internet to stay updated on home trends in the neighborhoods they like. Here are some tips that will help you attract Millennial buyers and get them interested in the homes that you’re representing:

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Staging a home to sell can be challenging. It’s important to make potential buyers see the best features of the home so they can imagine themselves living there. But if the home is older, or outdated, it can be tough to play up the good features of the home. The way that the house is staged can mean the difference between getting an offer on the home or having the home sit for months. Avoid making these home staging mistakes when you’re trying to stage a home to sell fast:

Not Painting The Rooms

Even if the home already has neutral paint in most areas a fresh coat of paint is a cheap and easy way to make the home feel new and fresh. If the home has custom paint colors like bright blue in the bedroom, or deep red in the dining room, or glaring orange

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Photos are essential if you want to get buyers interested in a home. Every listing should have as many photos of the home as you have. But if you’re under a time constraint or you don’t have time to take a ton of photos of a home there are 5 essential photos that you should take. These 5 photos are the photos that matter the most to potential buyers. Whenever you put up a new listing make sure that you have at least these 5 photos in the listing:

The Front Of The House

Curb appeal is a big factor when buyers decide if they are interested in a home. A listing with no photo of the front of the home or a bad photo of the front of the home isn’t going to attract buyers. Make sure that the photo is taken with a wide angle lens so that the whole front of

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Home staging can cost a lot of money. But there are many things that homeowners can do that will cost less than $100 to dramatically improve the appeal of the home when potential buyers see it. Buyers are looking for that wow factor when they look at homes. Homes that have it sell faster and usually for higher prices. It’s not necessary to spend a fortune to get that wow factor. These 4 things are cheap and easy to do but they will make a big difference in how much interest a home gets from potential buyers:

Welcome Buyers With A New Welcome Mat

When it comes to home staging those small details really matter. A new welcome mat costs just a few dollars but it will make the house a lot warmer and more inviting to buyers. Subconsciously they will be

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Social media can be a great way to let potential buyers know about an open house. Using social media effectively can result in a lot more potential buyers seeing a home and a lot more interest in the homes that you are representing. But, it can be easy for home listing and open house announcements to get lose in the vastness of the social media universe. Here are a few expert social media marketing tips to make sure that you are using social media to market an open house the right way:

Use A Photo

MLS EdmontonThe best way to get a post noticed on social media is to use a photo. When people are skimming social media they will notice a photo and focus it on while they would scroll past a block of text. You can use sites like to create free

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An old home lacking in any modern upgrades can sometimes be a tough sell. When the homeowners do not want to put a lot of money into updates and renovations but still expect the house to sell fast staging becomes critically important. Staging an older home can make a big difference in the amount of interest that the home gets. Here are some staging tips that will make selling an older home easier:

Choose Paint Colors Carefully

MLS EdmontonAn older home should always get a coat of paint in all the rooms when getting ready to sell. It needs the sense of brightness and newness that a new cost of paint brings. It’s one of the cheapest way to update a house. And having fresh painted walls will make the home feel vibrant instead of stale or old. But the paint colors

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Spending money on home improvements is a smart way to increase the value of a home for resale. But, only if the money is going into projects that buyers will be willing to pay for. The key to boosting a home’s resale value is spending money on the right home improvements. There are some home improvements, like kitchens and bathrooms, that will almost always have a high return. But there are other home improvements that homeowners think will result in a higher asking price that buyers just don’t want to pay for like:

New Carpeting

Many homeowners think that it’s a huge selling point that they have installed new carpeting or gotten the carpeting professionally cleaned. But many homebuyers don’t want homes with wall to wall carpeting. They may not even

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When you’re trying to get a home ready to sell you don’t have time to plant and wait for things to grow to make the yard look better. However, there things that homeowners can do to improve the curb appeal of the home without spending a lot of money or putting in a lot of effort. Here are the top budget friendly landscaping ideas that will boost curb appeal and make a home more attractive to buyers:

Clean It Up

Giving the yard a clean doesn’t really cost much, if anything, and it will dramatically improve the look of the yard. Trim the bushes and trees. Get rid of weeds. Get rid of brush or dead branches. If there are dead leaves or other debris get those out of there. Rake the entire yard. Sweep off walkways and the driveway. Put away children’s

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