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When buyers are cruising around looking at homes for sale the curb appeal of the home can make or break the sale. If buyers are turned off by the way the house and yard look they won’t even want to go inside and see the interior of the house. And when it comes to the spring buying season buyers are going to be expecting to see homes looking great and looking ready for spring. Here are three easy and inexpensive ways that sellers can boost the curb appeal of their home and impress potential buyers once the spring buying season starts:Spring home sale

Clean Windows

Most people hardly ever think about cleaning the exterior windows. But dirty or dingy windows are a huge turnoff for potential buyers. Sellers should always get a professional window cleaning team to come

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A constant problem for many agents is where to find inexpensive furniture and home items that can be used to stage a home for sale. Renting furniture and other items is an option. However, generic rental items do not always show off a home to best advantage. If you are working with a classic home, a unique property, or an older home generic items often are a big turn off for buyers. Here are some great sources for inexpensive pieces that will make a home look great:

The Homeowners

Often the homeowners have some great items already that just are not being used in the right way. Before going out to find new pieces, take stock of what is already in the home. Do not forget to look in attics or unused spare rooms. Quite often a new coat of paint, some

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During the traditionally slow winter selling season it is a good time to start looking at where the market will be after the turn of the year so that you can jump on those trends and start selling quickly. Here are some of the trends that are experts are predicting for 2018:

Building Your Online Brand

Real Estate trendsIn the past agents were encouraged to have an online presence to make selling easier and reach more potential homebuyers. Nevertheless, in 2018 it will be a requirement to have a solid social media presence and to have your personal brand online. These days’ people buy almost everything online and they will be looking for your digital presence before they want to work with you. Now is a great time to think about beefing up your online presence,

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Giving the interior of a home a fresh coat of paint is an easy and inexpensive way to make the home much more appealing to buyers. If you want to attract a larger pool of buyers in this Pinterest and Instagram age, you should be advising sellers to paint their homes in modern trendy colors that buyers who are fans of social media are going to be looking for. Here are a few of the best colors and color combinations that sellers should consider this coming year:


While they may not be trendy neutrals never go out of style. White walls are bland and don’t impress buyers, especially buyers who have been renting and are sick of white walls. Neutrals in tan, beige, oatmeal, honey, and other shades give a home a sense of warmth but are also very

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Siding is an incredibly prominent—but often forgotten—element of a home's exterior. It protects a home against the elements, it creates attractive curb appeal for the exterior, and—according to Consumer Reports—it can even make it easier to sell your home. Because of the work siding does to protect a home's exterior, homes with older siding may need to have it replaced with higher performing, new siding. If you are a homeowner interested in listing a home in the near future, new siding can protect your investment and boost curb appeal.

Learn more about the advantages of professionally installed new siding for your home.

Deterioration and Damage over Time

There are times when power washing is not enough to get your old siding looking like new.

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Even great agents can have slow sales during the winter season. Sometimes it is just not avoidable. However, during a slow winter sales period there are things that you can do to make sure that you’re keeping your skills current and that you’ll be ready to start selling again as soon as the holiday season is over. Here are a few suggestions from veteran real estate agents for things that you can do during a slow winter sales period to deal with the slowdown:

Build Your Brand

When you have a little slowdown in sales, you can take advantage of that time to continue building your personal brand. Get more active on social media. Share photos and success stories on your blog or on Pinterest and social media. Connect with other agents and network in the

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If you’re trying to sell a house during the holidays dressing the home for the holidays is a must to appeal to buyers. But, it’s important not to overwhelm the space with decorations and make it look smaller or more cluttered. The holiday decorations should fit into the décor and not detract from the house. After all, the potential buyers want to see the home, not the decorations. There are many easy holiday decorations you can put up in a home that you’re stating that you can do yourself or do for very little money. Here are some great holiday DIY ideas for holiday home staging:

Holiday Greenery

Add some fir branches to the top of the mantle to add a pop of color. Or hang fir wreaths on the doors. The smell will instantly create a holiday mood in

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If you’re working with a seller that has never sold a house before you will probably need to give them lots of advice about selling their home. Especially if they have lived in the home for a long time there are several things that they can and should do in order to make the home easier to sell. These four things are the first things that homeowners should do before they list their home for sale:

Get Repairs Done

If there are any major repairs that need to be done on the house those should be completed before the house is listed for sale. If the homeowner wants to sell the home without making any large or expensive repairs but the house needs work the homeowner should pay for a pre-sale inspection. The inspection will list all the work that needs to

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If you have been looking around your home for a new project set to increase its value, add comfort and save money, smart technology may be the perfect solution. Before you start shopping, it is important to realize that not all high-tech additions are the same, according to Consumer Reports, since technology evolves so rapidly, leaving once trendy gadgets obsolete. Items like wired audio systems are prime examples of high-tech investments that eventually lose their value. 

Smart technology, on the other hand, is a completely different matter, and the market is brimming with a broad range of high-value smart device options. If you are ready to add smart technology to your home, you will be joining the one-third of homeowners now investing in some type

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Even though you might not think there is much landscaping to be done during the winter there is. And that landscaping can make or break your sale. The first impression that a potential buyer has of a house in the winter is even more important than that first impression in the summer. Because looking at a bleak snowy landscape is already detracting from their first impression of the house. You need to be sure that the house looks even better to stand out among all the whiteness and the gray skies of winter. Here are some tips from landscape experts to help make a home stand out and impress buyers in the winter:

Tidy Up the Yard

The yard still matters and buyers are going to look at it. Just because there’s snow doesn’t mean that you can let the yard

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