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Sometimes it seems that homebuyers only want the hottest trends when they are looking for new homes. But classic design elements are always useful for buyers and many buyers actively look for classic design when they look for a new home. Classic design elements are functional, easy to customize, and remain in high demand even when trendy elements come and go. Here are four of the most requested classic design elements that homebuyers really love when they are looking for a new home:

Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors never go out of style. Wall to wall carpet is just not something that many homebuyers want. Even when carpets are clean, they can make a home feel dated. Home buyers don’t want to live with a constant reminder of the people who lived in

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A homebuyer’s first impression of a home is critically important. If a buyer isn’t wowed by the home when they first see it they won’t be as open to considering all the other benefits of the home. Curb appeal matters when selling a home. But, often sellers don’t want to put a lot of work or money into making their home more attractive to buyers. Here are three easy and inexpensive ways that home sellers can instantly boost the curb appeal of their home to make it much more attractive to buyers:

Wash It

A new coat of paint or new siding is not necessary to make a home look great on the outside. Hiring a power washer doesn’t cost a lot and the job can be done in an afternoon. Get the outside of the house power washed to eliminate dirt, debris and

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If you have not been adding video walkthroughs to your real estate listings, you are missing an excellent opportunity to attract the interest of buyers. These days it’s very easy to take a video walkthrough of a home using a smart phone or even a GoPro camera that isn’t very expensive. There are a lot of advantages to using a video walkthrough to sell a home. Videos of the interior of a home give a much better sense of the space than photos give. It’s much easier to get a sense of the layout of the home in a video too. Here are a few other reasons why adding video walkthroughs to your listings is really worth the effort:

Buyers like Them

MLS EdmontonBuyers are busy, and they have many potential homes to consider. When they are going through the hundreds of

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Staging a home is the best way to get buyers interested in the home. It takes a little time and it may cost a little bit of money but if you want the house to sell fast and at or above asking price it’s worth the time and money to stage it. Staging doesn’t have to be elaborate. It just has to give buyers a sense of what is possible in the space. Some buyers have trouble visualizing what a home will look like when it’s filled with furniture. Staging gives them the inspiration to see themselves living in the house. Here are some very simple and low cost or free staging ideas to help homes appeal to buyers:

Paint the Rooms Neutral Colors

MLS EdmontonMany homeowners do not want the bother or expense of painting the house that they are trying to sell. But rooms that

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Home design trends change quickly. If a home has too many trendy design features, the owners may have trouble selling it once those design features go out of style. The best rule of thumb for design is that classic functionality never goes out of style. Everything else does though. Here are some of the recently trendy design elements and features in new homes that are quickly going out of style. Buyers are going to be turned off by these elements so sellers with homes that have these elements would be smart to update their homes and get rid of these elements before listing the homes.

The Kitchen Desk

edmonton real estateOnce upon a time, no functional modern kitchen was complete without a little desk built into a corner of the kitchen. These desks had a space for a

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You have probably heard it said repeatedly that kitchens sell houses. However, it is actually true that kitchens are the number one thing that will keep buyers from buying home. If the kitchen is outdated, old, looks dreary, or just isn’t inviting the house will be very difficult to sell. But homeowners don’t always have the time or the money to put into fixing up the kitchen just to sell the house. Therefore, the solution is to do some fast and cheap upgrades to the kitchen that will make it more appealing to buyers. Older houses do not need a total kitchen renovation in order to sell. They just need a few updates to make them appealing to modern buyers. Here are some fast and cheap kitchen fixes that will get noticed by potential buyers:

Add an

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How a real estate listing is written is extremely important. These days most people spend hours browsing real estate listings online before deciding which homes they want to tour. If your listing isn’t written well it won’t catch the attention of potential buyers. Your ad will get overlooked. The way the listing is written is important and so is the information contained in the listing. There are some key pieces of information that every real estate listing should have. These are the things that potential buyers will hone in on an ad. If they don’t see these pieces of information they will move on and look for other ads that tell them what they want to know. When you write real estate listings make sure that these pieces of information are in every

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When it comes to selling older homes, many homeowners struggle to find a balance between upgrading the home so that it will sell but not putting a lot of money into the home that they are trying to get rid of. However, it has been proven that updates will make older homes sell as long as the updates are the right kind of updates. When it comes to trying to sell an older home or a home that hasn’t been updated here are the updates that homeowners really should invest in if they want to sell their homes fast:

Kitchen Updates

MLS EdmontonKitchens always sell a home. But when a home has an older kitchen that hasn’t been updated it can be a lot tougher to sell the home. When homeowners want to sell an older home without doing a total kitchen renovation they should

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When parents are buying a home, they’ll be looking for many crucial aspects. No matter where they are buying a home parents want to invest in a home where they can raise their kids and create special childhood memories that their children will carry with them for a lifetime. Therefore, when you are working with parents to find the perfect house for their family remember that there are four primary things that every parent is looking for when it comes to buying a family home:

Safe Family Friendly Neighborhood

MLS EdmontonThis is probably the most important criteria that parents are looking for. They want to buy homes in neighborhoods where their kids can safely go outside to play. Sidewalks, parks or play spaces, and not a lot of traffic are all things that go

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Selling homes to millennials can be tricky outside of major urban areas. More and more millennials are looking to buy their first homes because the rental rates are rising so quickly. But millennials are notoriously picky when it comes to buying property. They know what they want and they can afford to wait if they can’t find exactly what they are looking for. Millennials may not be interested in the older homes that are on the market because they expect new finishing’s and homes that are equipped for modern technology based living. Here are the 4 things that Millennials are really looking for in a home:

Open Concept Floorplan

MLS EdmontonThe days when people wanted a home to have many small closed off rooms are over. These days it’s all about the open concept

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