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When parents are looking for a new home to raise their family in they are looking for the right neighborhood as well as the right house. Finding the right neighborhood is often just as important to them as finding the right house. According to parents who are planning to buy a home in the next year, these are the five most important things that they are looking for in a new neighborhood:

Close to Good Schools

Schools are a top priority for parents. Therefore, when parents are looking to buy a home they are going to want to look in neighborhoods where the schools get high rankings. Houses in neighborhoods that are near the best schools are often something that parents are willing to pay higher prices for. Find out what the school rankings are in the

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Millennials are one of the biggest groups of homebuyers. But many Millennials are not that happy about the idea of buying houses in the suburbs. Even though their money can go a lot further in the suburbs they may not like the idea of living so far outside of the city when they are used to conveniences of the city. Often though their first -time home buyer budget doesn’t allow them to purchase the kind of home in the city that they want. If you’re trying to steer Millennial buyers into considering a home in the suburbs here are four ways you can show them the benefits of buying a new home in the suburbs:

Show Them What Their Money Will Buy In The Suburbs

One of the best ways to get Millennial or first-time buyers to consider buying a home in the

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Selling older homes can be tricky, but not for the reason you might think. Many people think that an older home that hasn’t been updated is going to be a tough sell to buyers who want homes that have updated amenities. But there are a lot of homebuyers who don’t mind having to put a little work into a home to make it look the way they want it to look. Especially those homebuyers who are on a budget and are willing to sacrifice updated amenities for square footage.

Reduce Hesitation

Pre home inspectionsWhat makes selling an older home tricky is the worry that big things will need to be fixed or replaced in the home. Home buyers sometimes hesitate to take on an older home because they are worried about having to replace the roof, the HVAC system, the water heater, or

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It’s that time of year when kids are heading off to college and empty nesters will start to think about downsizing. Baby boomers and empty nesters are buying new homes in droves and they know exactly what they’re looking for in a new home. So what are Boomers and empty nesters looking for as they start the next phase of their lives? Here are a few of the most important priorities that these groups have when they are looking to buy a new home:

Smaller Homes

Once the kids go off to college most parents are looking to get rid of the large family home that requires a lot of upkeep. That means that they will be looking for a home with less square footage that has to be kept up. This is great news for agents who have had a hard time selling smaller homes.

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Selling a historic home is all about finding the right buyers who will love the home’s historic features instead of being put off by them. In order to appeal to the right kind of buyers staging a historic home correctly is very important. Here are some tips for staging a historic home from expert stagers who know how to really amplify the charm that makes historic homes so appealing:

Keep It Classic
You do not want to make the house look like a museum, but the furniture and paint colors should look timeless and classic. Neutral palettes are always flattering. Make sure that the furniture used to stage the home has classic lines and has a neutral color palette. Many times people who want to buy historic homes have no idea how to decorate the home to make it

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It can sometimes be a challenge to get buyers interested in a home that needs a lot of work. But, buyers who are handy with home projects or buyers on a tight budget might be able to see the potential in a fixer upper if you make sure to point out the highlights of the home. It’s important, to be honest about the amount of work that needs to be done, but you can still try to get potential buyers focused on the value of the property or the potential of the home without glossing over the work that remains to be done. Here are some tips that will help you market a home that needs some work to potential buyers:

Highlight The Best Features

edmonton fixer upperDoes the home have great windows that let in a lot of natural light? What about a large kitchen or a flexible three

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It is easy to overlook the importance of fixing up the yard when trying to sell a house. Most people think that mowing the grass is all they need to do. But the yard is the first thing that people see when come up to a property so it’s actually very important to make the yard look as good as possible. Here are a few ways to really make the yard appealing to buyers without spending more than about $100:

Get It Green

Lawn fertilizer treatments can revitalize a yard. Hiring a pro to come in and make the yard look lush and green and alive is a great way to make a yard more appealing to buyers. Especially in an area where the grass tends to look a little dull getting a fertilizer treatment is a smart idea. The more appealing and alive the grass looks the

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An open house is still the best way to get potential buyers interested in a home. A successful open house can lead to multiple offers on a property. But, the staging of the home and other elements of the open house are what will really sell buyers on a property. Here are four tips from agents who have gotten the art of an open house down to a science to help you make your next open house a slam dunk:

Stage the Home

Staging is critically important when it comes to an open house. Make sure that the house is clean and that the outside areas are mowed and swept. Remove personal photos and artwork and replace them with mirrors to make it look brighter or with generic art. It’s important that potential buyers who are touring the home can visualize their

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Ugly flooring can be a real problem when trying to sell a home. Buyers often don’t want the hassle or expense of changing out flooring in a home. But, the sellers might not want to invest a lot of time and money into changing the flooring in a house they are trying to sell. One option is for the sellers to offer a credit for new flooring so that buyers can put in the flooring they want. But there are other options that are quick, relatively inexpensive, and will make the home look a lot better to potential buyers. Here are 4 quick fixes for ugly flooring that will make a home a lot more appealing:

Stone Peel And Stick Tile

Peel and stick tile has come a long way from those garish 70s nightmares. Now there are plenty of options for stone and marble

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How many times have you found the perfect house for a buyer only to have the buyer turn down the property because it is in an HOA community? HOA communities are something that many buyers are wary of because they have heard horror stories of overzealous HOAs that have made buyers miserable. Some buyers refuse to even look at a home that is in an HOA community despite the many benefits that living in an HOA neighborhood have. Understanding why people are skeptical about buying into an HOA community can help you ease their fears and show them that HOA communities don’t have to be scary. Check out these three top reasons buyers give for not wanting to buy a home in an HOA community:

HOA Fees

Lake Summerside Edmonton Real Estate

Those amenities that are such a great selling point for

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