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You know that kitchens and bathrooms are really what sells a house. If potential buyers don’t see at least some modern updates in the kitchen or in the bathrooms they’re not going to be really excited about buying a particular house. In newer houses that’s not a problem. But in older houses that haven’t been updated in a while that can be a big problem. If you’re trying to make an older home that hasn’t been updated more marketable here are some budget friendly recommendations you can make to homeowners:

MLS EdmontonNew Flooring

Nothing makes a bathroom look older than tired old tile floors or stained linoleum. Because bathrooms are such small spaces the cost to replace the flooring in the bathroom is minimal. Usually a small bathroom can have all new floors

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Homeowners that want to increase the value of their home before putting it up for sale may not want to start any expensive or time-consuming renovations. Homeowners that just want to do some cheap and quick updates in order to boost the value of their home or attract more potential buyers are in luck. There are lots of ways that they can add value and interest to their home without spending a lot of money or taking on big renovations. Here are 5 quick cheap fixes that will make homes more appealing to potential buyers:

MLS EdmontonGet Professional Cleaning

No matter how tidy the homeowners think they are the house could benefit from a professional cleaning. Potential buyers will instantly be more attracted to the house when they walk in after it’s been

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Staging a home is an important part of the selling process. In order for prospective buyers to be interested in the house they need to see the house with furniture and other items in it. That gives them a sense of the potential in the house. If the house has too much furniture and clutter they won’t be attracted to the house. But a totally bare house isn’t appealing either. Here are some tips from staging experts to help you stage your home to sell it faster.

Get Rid of Grime

Dirty and grimy tile in the bathrooms is a total turn off to buyers. Instead of doing an expensive bathroom remodel wash the tile down with a mixture of bleach and water. When it’s dry paint the tile with bathroom paint. Choose a light neutral color. The bathroom will sparkle

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Kitchens matter to buyers more than any other room in a house. If a buyer is on the fence about buying a particular house the kitchen could be what swings them off the fence and into making an offer. Homes with beautiful modern kitchens are easy to sell. But older homes or homes that haven’t been updated may be a tougher sell. The homeowners should know that some updates will make a big difference in the amount of interest that they get in the house and in the price they can ask for the house. Here are 5 kitchen updates that will make a house sell:

Open It Up

Today’s homebuyers want a modern open floorplan. Nearly every homebuyer puts an open floorplan at the top of their must have list. Homeowners that want to sell their homes quickly should talk

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MLS Edmonton

Price : $549,900

Open concept fully finished 1080 sq feet completely renovated Bungalow in Holyrood.

Newer kitchen with cabinets, backsplash, stainless steel appliances in kitchen, newer washer and dryer, can be converted in to Separate Entrance.


Large Island with eating bar

Separate Dining area

4 bedrooms, 2 Bath, new side walk, new lighting, bright laundry room

Huge family room and Bedroom in the basement,

Large Backyard (Lot size 710 sq meter, 15.5x45.7m)

Oversized insulated double garage 

For Showings Please contact Gurpreet Ghatehora Realtor Remax River City 780-951-6530

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If you’re getting ready to put your house on the market adding a few trendy features can really help attract potential buyers. Many of the most popular design trends from the last five years are on their way out. This year the focus is on new design elements that buyers will be willing to pay higher prices for in the coming year. Check out these home design trends for 2017 and add some to your home before you list it.

Cerused Wood

What is cerused wood? Cerused wood is wood that has been treated to bring out the natural grain lines and patterns in the wood. You will start to see this wood used for floors, cabinets, and other design elements a lot in the next few years. You can get a jump on this design trend by adding cerused wood cabinets, floors or

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The real estate market is gearing up for some major changes in 2017. Home trends that have been consistent for the last few years are changing. There are a few different factors that are driving these changes like changes in the types of people that are buying homes, new mortgage rates, and changing consumer tastes. Here are some of the real estate trends to watch in 2017:

MLS EdmontonMore New Construction Homes

Even though the real estate market has suffered in the last few years as it recovered from the housing crash there are more new homes being built than ever. Buyers these days overwhelmingly want new construction homes built with energy efficiency and modern tastes in mind. That’s good news for builders but bad news for home sellers who want to attract

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Buying a new house can be overwhelming for first time buyers. There are lot of decisions that need to be made when you’re trying to find the perfect home. Here is some advice for first time home buyers from real estate agents who have helped many first time buyers find their perfect homes:

Consider All The Options

MLS EdmontonSingle family homes are not the only types of homes that are available. Many people never even consider condos or townhouses but condos or townhouses can be a great option for first time home buyers. They usually have a lower price tag. They also don’t require as much maintenance as single family homes. In many urban areas condos and townhouses are more affordable for first time buyers. They also are usually newer and have lots of upgrades

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If your real estate listings aren’t getting as much attention as they should it might be time to overhaul how you present your listings. Use these tips from other real estate agents to give your listings a makeover and create the kind of polished listings that attract buyers:

Use Great Photos

edmonton real estateGreat photos are what grabs the attention of buyers that are looking through online listings. Use a high quality camera when you’re taking photos. Don’t use filters or weird lenses or it will look like you are trying to hide something from potential buyers. Photos should be in natural light whenever possible. Also make sure that you are photographing the rooms from multiple angles so that buyers who are looking at them can get a sense of the floor

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The prices of homes in many large cities is increasing rapidly every year. That means that many first-time home buyers are priced out of buying property in the city. Or if they can afford to buy a home in the city they can’t afford to buy a home that is large enough for a family. In some cities it’s almost impossible to find a home that will accommodate a growing family.
So instead they are looking to the suburbs for houses that they can afford. There’s no doubt that buying a home in the suburbs has a lot of benefits for first time buyers. If people can past the challenges of living in the suburbs they can find benefits like:

edmonton real estateNewer Homes

There is a huge construction boom going on in the suburbs around the country. New single family homes as well as

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