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Every home, whether it be new or old, needs to have its plumbing inspected from time to time. In some unfortunate circumstances during the sale of a home, home inspectors can gloss over potentially big issues. In other cases, some buyers simply are a little too trusting and have not had a proper home inspection performed on their own accord. In either case, the new buyer must deal with whatever underlying issues are present. Here are the most important things for you to look for and a bit of advice on how to solve each, in your locality these issues may differ slightly:

edmonton real estateGalvanized Pipes

In yesteryear, galvanized piping was a godsend – by covering steel piping with a protective layer of zinc the pipes were safer and easier to work with than lead

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Preparing your home for sale is one step that many people spend a lot of time considering, one of the most important parts of this process is to acquire stunning photographs. The reason should be quite obvious in our modern times; everyone is using a smartphone, and those who have yet to make the leap to smartphones are definitely have access to a desktop or laptop. The ability to effectively showcase your property online depends solely on the quality of your photography. So rather than leave this aspect of your home sale up to chance, you need to take a pro-active step in ensuring you have the best possible imagery you can muster. Here are a few tips on how to prepare your home for a real estate photoshoot.

Edmonton real estatePreparation Is Key

The more effort you

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When you set out to sell your home, you have one sole purpose in mind – find a buyer. When you agree to work with a real estate agent the discussion will inevitably turn to whether or not you should have an open house. While there is quite a number of opinions that state to the contrary, open houses inevitably help sell homes. Inviting would-be buyers into your home to poke around and have a close look can make a huge impact on the time it takes to make a sale. However, there are some important aspects to holding a successful open house:

Clean The Clutter

It’s really important that your home is cleared of clutter and looks it’s best. You should also do your best to depersonalize your home as much as possible by removing family photos, or other

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When you’re looking to buy a condo, it’s a good idea to have all the advice you can get. Here are a few insider tips that could help you find the right condo for you.

1: Go Shopping

You’re buying a condo, which is no insignificant purchase, so why not look around a little before settling on something? Shopping around lets you see what people are selling and at what prices, which means you’ll be able to recognize a deal (and a rip-off) much more easily. Shopping around also lets you check out different neighbourhoods and get a feel for some different places that you may like to live.

2: Ask About Fees

Condo fees are often more than you may imagine, and if they aren’t offering up that information up front, they will be even higher. Always ask

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1. Leave The Closets Half-Empty

Want to give the illusion of much-bigger closets? Take half the stuff out of them, at least. Overstuffed closets hide their true size, while half-filled closets make them look a lot bigger. By taking out the items in all of your closets, pantries included, you can appeal to people with big wardrobes or a love of cooking.

edmonton real estate2. Move Your Pets

Pets are lovable and amazing for the people who know and love them. For other people, the presence of pets can be unsettling, an indication of uncleanliness or, more simply, induce an allergic reaction. When you are selling your home, take the pets to somewhere else, be it a family of friend’s place or a kennel. That way, they can’t dirty the house or turn of prospective buyers

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The buyer’s agent is a real estate agent that help people look for a new home. They offer many advantages to today’s homebuyer, who often thinks they can go without professional assistance in their search for a new home. Here are just a few of the benefits they can offer you.

1. Look for Special Listings

Buyer's agents have access to more than just the listings you can find online, they also have access to other listings that can be difficult to discover otherwise. Being experts in your local housing market, buyer’s agents know how to find the right home and neighbourhood for you.

edmonton real estate2. Help You Through the Paperwork

Anyone who’s ever bought a home can attest to the crazy amount of paperwork that goes along with a regular property sale,

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edmonton real estateIf you have bad credit, you can get used to thinking you’ll never be able to own your own home. Many people simply give up and rent forever, not knowing there are plenty of things you can do to help your credit and buy a home. Here are a few tips on how to buy a home with bad credit.

1. Learn Your Situation

Getting a credit check before heading to the bank or mortgage lender can give you a clearer picture of how you are doing in terms of your credit rating. Many people think that they have better credit than they actually do, only to go to the bank and be unpleasantly surprised when they see what they can get. But if you check your credit first, you’ll better understand how to move forward.

2. Work on Your Credit

This is absolutely the most

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The first time you buy a home can often feel like taking a test you never studied for. The process can be very complicated and hard to follow, which is why you need all the help you can get. These are some tips professionals provide for first-time homebuyers to help them make a better decision.

1. Take a Look Around the Neighbourhood

You may be buying a piece of property, but you’re also investing in the area around it. Without knowing the neighbourhood, you haven’t actually discovered everything about your new home. It’s absolutely imperative that you do some research on the neighbourhood and area around your potential new home. Look at what’s within walking distance, what the schools are like, where you’ll find your necessities, etc. All of these

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Preparing for your first home staging can be a long and complicated process. It means turning your home into a property that sells. Choosing what to keep, what to toss, and what to rearrange can often feel like changing your lifestyle. But thinking about what potential buyers want gives you an edge when selling your home.

In some cases, you’ll need to buy some new furniture to change how your home feels to potential buyers. These are just a few pieces of furniture that you may want to use to help sell your home faster, for more money, and to a completely new kind of clientele.

1. Shelving Units

Many people realize their homes are cluttered with all sorts of things almost the second they decide to stage their homes. Rooms that were simply just

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Luxury living is the ideal for many home buyers, but not all homes have that “luxury feel.” Here are a few tips for making your home look more luxurious, but at a low cost.

1. Get Clean Surfaces

From countertops to cabinetry, your home will look luxurious if it looks well-maintained and properly updated. Countertops need to be pristine to attract the higher bracket of buyer. While your counters should ideally be granite or marble, the hottest countertop materials right now, the simplest thing you can do is simply clear them off and scrub them down. Clutter is not luxury, so keep everything to a minimum on the counters. If they need fixed or replaced, do so. Even a simple coat of the right finisher can be enough to add that luxurious feel.

edmonton real estate2.

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